Sunday, November 11, 2007

Favorite Things

Some of Jacob's favorite things to do when he was about 10 months old...playing with the wind chimes, reading books and watching out the window. He's getting so big and expressive! He's walking a few steps and is so funny when he does! He's a pretty content baby.

Funny Boy!

Jacob is so funny - he makes us laugh all the time. He's starting to imitate us more and more and makes the cutest faces while eating. He's the best eater in the world and as long as you keep giving it to him, he will eat it. Everything - really, he'll eat it! It's pretty embarrassing when your infant eats more healthy than you. Maybe mommy and daddy need some food counseling from Jacob!

Happy Birthday to Mommy! Mommy turned the big 3-0 this year and Daddy threw her a huge surprise party - it was lots of fun, but Jacob was kind of scared when everyone shouted "Surprise!" Jacob really liked all the balloons! No cake yet for Jacob - we're waiting for him to turn 1!

Crawling, Standing, Cruising...

Jacob's starting to move all over the place! We weren't sure he would crawl, but once he started, he could really move! He loves to stand up too - he gets this big look of pride when he pushes up!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Daddy's birthday

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Daddy, Hapy Birthday to you!
Hooray - it's Daddy's birthday.
Oh, mom, please don't make me wear this hat again!

It's the 4th of July - let's party!

Happy Fourth of July! Jacob looked absolutely adorable in his patriotic outfit! We had a rainy 4th, but spent the afternoon with family and friends over at Jacob's aunt and uncle Amy and Jerry's house.

Happy Father's Day to my best Daddy!

This picture was part of a surprise project for Daddy for Father's day. I tried and tried to get the best shot of Jacob in Daddy's shoes and somehow, I got it! I made Billy a frame that had this picture on one side and on the other, a footprint from Jacob and the phrase " I want to be just like you, but I've got big shoes to fill." Father's day was a very special day because it was also baby dedication at our church so our whole family was there.

On the right, you'll see Billy opening his first Father's Day gifts as a daddy - Little bit was right in the middle of everything!

a little help and lots of slobber...

Jacob is walking with help!!! It's so hard to believe how quickly he is growing and developing. He loves to walk and "talk". He's totally on the move. We didn't think he would actually crawl, but he started to crawl on Daddy's birthday, July the 8th.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jacob conquers the water!

Jacob went swimming! He absolutely loved the water. He went on Memorial Day weekend to Aunt Susan's and Uncle Bryan's house and the next day at Aunt Amy and Uncle Jerry's. He just loved it. He stayed in until his little feet were all soft.

Little Bit has TWO teeth

The Easter bunny brought Jacob a couple of presents - two little teeth. This picture was taken at his babysitter's - Ms. Mary. Ms. Mary and her whole family (Mike, Alison, Luke, Angela, Shari Ann, Benjamin, Jessica, Adam, Judson and Joel) just love Jacob. And the feeling is mutual. the Wisely family is truly a blessing to us. Jacob just gets som much love and attention there.

HAPPY bit!

Look at him - he's so big! Jacob is already a Cubs fan, just like his daddy. We're constantly amazed at how much he changes and grows each day. We just love his chunky little cheeks - he's just storing up some extra food in there. :-)

If you're happy and you know it...

Jacob is such a happy and good-natured little guy. He smiles a lot and thinks his mommy is super silly. He's got the most beautiful eyes.

Big Boy Food!

Little bit started eating "big boy food" on his sixth month birthday - we started with rice cereal. He loved it - in fact, whatever we put in front of him, he tries to eat. His first experience with REAL food was on April 21 - he had green beans. Let's hope he's never as picky as his crazy mommy and daddy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here comes Peter Cottontail.....

Happy Easter from the Bit! The Easter Bunny brought this cute little outfit for Jacob and Mommy made sure the whole family matched! He wasn't quite ready for Grammy's famous Easter egg hunt, but can't wait for next year. Even though he's little, we pray that he will understand what a glorious day Easter really is - hallelujah, Christ has risen!

We went to our friends Heather and Dewayne's wedding on April 7. Jacob was the star! Here's our happy little family and a great picture of Jacob with Aunt Rachie - one of his favorite people in the whole wide world!

Wedding time

This is Pappaw holding Jacob at Heather and Dewayne's wedding reception. Jacob enjoyed looking around and watching everyone. He was the cutest boy there.....sorry Dewayne. He was especially thrilled with the shiny disco ball.

It's a party...

This was the day before Easter and Jacob's ready for the wedding. Daddy thought this should be his Easter outfit too, but mommy thought he should have two cute outfits. Isn't he handsome?

Cubs Win....Cubs Win....

Jacob is just a little older than 5 months old and he is already a Chicago Cubs fan. His favorite player is Derrick Lee but he likes Soriano also. His daddy hopes he is a southpaw because the Cubs sure can use one. Jacob hopes his daddy can see the Cubs win a World Series in his daddy's lifetime.

Night-time routine...

This is the Bit sitting in mommy and daddy's rocking chair waiting to be rocked. He loves for his mommy to rock him to sleep each night. Before Jacob falls to sleep mommy will read his night time stories and sing a prayer to him.

5 month old b-day....

This is Jacob at his 5 month old birthday. He really is out growing his frog. He is growing up too fast!

Jacob is so funny....

No one can make Jacob laugh like his mommy. Once he starts giggling he has a hard time stopping.

where did my ring go?

Jacob is getting really good at playing with his little rings. He loves to put everything in his mouth. He just explores and touches everything. Here, he's having floor time with mommy!

It's cold outside....

Little Bit is bundled up ready for church. He is wearing is snow suit given to him by uncle leedle and aunt rachee. As you can see, whether it's warm or cold, Jacob always has a smile on his face. Rut Raaaaa

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Silly Bit!

Bitty is acting silly! His new friend, Sloane took this one. Sloane was Jacob's babysitter - he just loved playing with her.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Bit. He was all smiles most of the day. He had his four month appointment early that morning - he had to get 4 shots. He was so brave!!! Jacob is definitely the love of our lives!

Poor little bit!

Poor little Jacob - this is the first time he became sick. On February 8th, he woke up feeling yucky, bless his heart. He was all stuffy and his eyes were watering. Mommy was sick the week before - I felt awful, because I made him sick. He's a trooper though! He felt all better in about 3 days.

High Chair time!

Little Bit loves to sit in his high chair and watch every move we make. He's smiling and laughing - probably because Mommy and Daddy are SO picky!

Sleeping Bit...

Here's Little Jacob taking a sweet little nap - in mommy's lap. It looks like he's praying!

Friday, January 12, 2007

It's play time....

Little Bit loves to play. He loves to smile for the camera. This is another picture of how you will find the Bit on most days. He is such a happy little boy....he loves to have fun.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Phone call to Bit....

Today mommy called and talked to Little Bit on the phone. This was him smiling and laughing after hearing mommy's voice.

Wake Time.....

Today was mommy's first day back at work. Daddy stayed home with Little Bit today, and they had fun playing. Little Bit really misses his mommy though.

UK Rocking Chair....

Grammy and Pa got Jacob a Wildcats rocking chair. This is the first time he is trying it out. It's a little big for him now, but he will see many, many UK games from this rocking chair.

Bit is talking....

Little Bit's favorite time of the day is when he's having wake time playing with his mommy. He will smile, laugh, and even start jibber jabbering and he talks to us all the time. His most consistent sound, sounds like "a geeeee."

Smiling Bit

Little Bit was smiling that his mommy and daddy got to spend so much time with him over the holidays. He is getting bigger and bigger every day!