Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog in bullets...

gonna do a little bullet blogging today... that's about all the energy I can muster.  :-) 
* Jacob is loving Kindergarten!  Today he said, "I like school more than Batman."  Holy moly - y'all know that's a lot!!! He made the comment the other day that they don't pray before they eat like at preschool.  Good opportunity to thank God for FBC preschool.  Also a good reminder to tell Jacob that he can pray any time he wants.  God is always ready to listen!!!!
* Jonathan is adjusting well.  He asks about his bubby 5-10 times a day, but we are enjoying our time together.  He is such a sweetheart.  Every step I make, he makes too! 
* We have decided on a name for the babe... Joshua.  I love the character of Joshua in the Bible and since Jacob and Jonathan are both Biblical names, we wanted to stay true to that.  Middle name has also been decided but not 100% so I won't announce it just yet. 
* My sis in law talked me into registering for a few things.  I feel silly, but I did it.  I registered at Pottery Barn Kids (couldn't resist!) and will register at Target later this week.  :-)  People are being so kind to me and we are having a couple of small showers.  I am one blessed momma!!!
* we are teaching 1st -3rd grade girls for Sunday School this year.  It's a new adventure, but I really like it.  Thankful for my hubs for his leadership in that decision.  Super pumped about our new Children's minister and his family and all that they are doing for our church.  Also so excited to team teach with our friends, Dana and Mike. 
* Baby Joshua wakes me up every morning at about 4:45 or 5 kicking up a storm.  I hope he doesn't think he can do that in October.  Just sayin'. 
* I am totally appalled and perturbed at the crazy parents in carpool line that think the rules don't apply to them.  I mean really - if you are in such a big hurry that you feel the need to cut line and cause a ruckus (don't even know if that's a real word!), then get off your lazy behind and leave earlier so that you can be first in line.  Geesh!!!
* I have a list a mile long of little projects I'd like to get done.  Or more like it, projects I'd like to have done for me.  :-)  As we speak, our wainscoting is being hung downstairs in the kitchen and I can't wait to see the finished product!  I know it's gonna make me want to paint my cabinets white though... of course one project leads to another.  BUT, I promised myself, and my sweet hubs, that I would relax on the "project" list.  Our checkbook's taking a beating with my nesting tendencies these days.  Plus, I REALLY REALLY MUST GET JOSHUA'S NURSERY DONE!!!! I think I need an "operation decorate the nursery" brainstorming session.  Any takers? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I survived!

Well, the day has come and gone.  My big boy now has three whole days of kindergarten under his belt and he loved every single second.  He can't wait to go back tomorrow!  I'm glad that he likes it so much, but secretly I wish he would say, "I really miss you mommy."  I'm so glad he wasn't clinging to us or crying.  That would have been awful.  Nope, he was great.  A little nervous - evident by the very very tight grip he had on my hand walking through the halls of Painted Stone on the first day.  But he quickly found his spot, put his book bag away and sat down at his little table and started coloring his first ever school assignment.  We gave him hugs and kisses and walked out of his classroom.  Y'all, as soon as I turned my back, the waterworks started.  Thankfully, Jacob didn't see me.  His teacher did though, and she ran out in the hall and gave me a big ole hug.  Sigh.  I managed to go to work for a few hours that day, but I have to say, I've never watched the clock as much as I did that day.  I was so ready to see 2:20 pm roll around.  He was SO excited!!!! Daddy was with me, which is super cool that we got to experience this together.  We met some of our friends at the Pie Kitchen and had a celebratory ice cream cone.  Jacob was talking a mile a minute.  It was one of those "let's freeze this moment in time" experiences.  And, even though I'm sad, my heart is happy.  Jacob was excited to go get his bubby and tell him all about his first day.  We are blessed indeed. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Well, it's here... my buddy starts kindergarten tomorrow.  Did you hear that??? I SAID JACOB STARTS KINDERGARTEN TOMORROW!!!! Oh my goodness, I simply can't believe it.  He is totally ready, in every sense of the word, though he did admit to me today as we were walking hand in hand through the mall that he's super happy about it, but also a little nervous.  Well, me too sweet boy, me too. 

Actually, I'm terribly sad.  I know he'll be fine and will love love love school.  I've spent a lot of time praying today that we've done a good enough job preparing him, that we've taught him right from wrong, that he'll make really good friends who also like to follow the rules and do the right thing.  Praying that God will protect him from all the "big bad scary stuff out there" that we've sheltered him from.  Aside from that, I'll really miss him during the day!  Glad to have some 1:1 time with Jonathan, but I'll really miss Jacob!  Jonathan will miss him too.  No doubt about that! 

I love you sweet Jacob.  Now it's time for you to go.  Be who you are.  Shine for Jesus my sweet love!  Can't wait to see your face tomorrow afternoon and hear about your fun day.  :-)  I love you to the moon and back.  I love you forever I love you for always!