Sunday, November 11, 2007

Favorite Things

Some of Jacob's favorite things to do when he was about 10 months old...playing with the wind chimes, reading books and watching out the window. He's getting so big and expressive! He's walking a few steps and is so funny when he does! He's a pretty content baby.

Funny Boy!

Jacob is so funny - he makes us laugh all the time. He's starting to imitate us more and more and makes the cutest faces while eating. He's the best eater in the world and as long as you keep giving it to him, he will eat it. Everything - really, he'll eat it! It's pretty embarrassing when your infant eats more healthy than you. Maybe mommy and daddy need some food counseling from Jacob!

Happy Birthday to Mommy! Mommy turned the big 3-0 this year and Daddy threw her a huge surprise party - it was lots of fun, but Jacob was kind of scared when everyone shouted "Surprise!" Jacob really liked all the balloons! No cake yet for Jacob - we're waiting for him to turn 1!

Crawling, Standing, Cruising...

Jacob's starting to move all over the place! We weren't sure he would crawl, but once he started, he could really move! He loves to stand up too - he gets this big look of pride when he pushes up!