Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Joshua! (TAZ!)

I cannot wrap my hands (or heart) around the fact that my baby is now one.  It's been an unbelievable year!  Baby Joshua gives us so much joy - it's like God knew exactly how our family needed Joshua to feel "complete."  He fits in perfectly and I cannot imagine one single day without him.  Life is so busy with three sweet boys.  We are busy volunteering at church - teaching, pastor search committee for daddy, deacon meetings...  We are busy with homework and back packs and lunch boxes.  We are busy with play dates and helping out our teachers with special projects.  We are busy building legos and playing superheroes and putting on plays at home with multiple costume changes.  We are busy with diapers and finger foods and balls.  Lots and lots of balls.  :-)  We are busy with slobbery kisses and sweet hand holds.  We are busy parenting and trying to teach these kiddos about Jesus and His mercies.  We are busy failing at that last part, but we try.  And we pray.  And we pray some more.  We are busy.  But life is SOOOOOO good. 

I'm a little late for this, but Happy Happy birthday baby Joshua!  I'm so afraid the busy-ness of our lives is going to make me forget how precious these days are for you.  So here we go - lots of things I just don't want to forget about you:

  • You smile all the time!  Seriously - you never ever cry (except in church lately... hmmmm)
  • You are an amazing sleeper - you go down at about 8 and sleep until 7:30 or 8.  We don't even have to rock you or anything.  You love to sleep with your little bear, green blankie and about 4 pacis.  You also have a glow worm in your bed and you've learned how to push his tummy to make him sing. 
  • You take two naps a day - one at about 10 and one after we get the big boys at about 3 or 3:30. 
  • You weighed 20.8 lbs and were 29" long at your appointment.  You are a little smaller than our other guys were at this age. 
  • You took your first steps on October 1.  You are still a little wobbly, but oh so cute.  You are walking all over the place. 
  • You are down to two bottles a day, morning and night.  If you see one during the day, you really want it bad - but you are easily distracted.  :-) 
  • You love balls - it's your most clear word. 
  • You are a great eater - you eat almost anything, except blueberries and celery.  I don't blame you bud! Your favorites I think are gravy and biscuit and chili. 
  • You have a cute sense of humor - if I put something silly on my head, you think its hysterical.  When I throw a ball and catch it, you think it's the greatest.  And of course, you laugh all the time at your brothers. 
  • When changing your diapers, sometimes you hold the diaper cream.  You can get it open.  Hope it's not too bad for you if you get a little in your mouth. 
  • Whenever we are hanging out in your room, you sneak over to your bed and get your blankie and paci out.  I've been working in there a lot lately, going through clothes and getting your new big boy clothes all ready. 
  • You love cords - especially the Wii U cords. 
  • You love to open cabinets and dump out the contents.  Actually, you like to dump out the contents of anything. 
  • You understand "No No" really well and seem to be a good listener so far. 
  • You love going to Ms. Erin's - your face lights up when you see her. 
  • You finally got a new big boy carseat.  You feel like hot stuff in it. 
  • You are going to be the Tasmanian Devil for Halloween.  It really (for real!) may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

  • You have the craziest hair!   Some cute curls!  :-) 
  • You lean in and give kisses when I ask.  It melts my heart!
  • You like to turn off the lights in room. 
  • When you wake up and we come get you, we say, "drop your paci" and you thrown it in your crib (or across the room if you choose!).  In the mornings when you wake up, you don't even cry.  You just sort of sit there, play and wait for us. 
  • You just started to put your hands together when we pray before dinner.  It is so cute!
I have to say, I think you are my momma's boy.  The big boys are most definitely daddy's boys, so I'm secretly glad.  I'm so grateful that my part time work schedule allows me to be with you so much during the day.  I wouldn't trade places with anyone for any reason. 

I love you to the moon and back and more than that!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scooby Dooby Doo - where are you?

Have I ever mentioned that I love being mommy to God's three little gifts?  Well, I do.  Sometimes, admittedly, I feel like my head may spin off my head with frustration with all the messes and the occasional arguing that occurs at my house.  Ahem...  BUT, I love it.  Last weekend was one for the record books, let me tell ya. 

For Jacob's 7th (yes - my baby is almost 7 -WHAT??) birthday, he requested a Scooby Doo Party.  And a slumber party.  So, I got busy planning.  We decided to have part one of Scooby-palooza at our church.  Y'all - it was Scooby city in there.  Here's the front door. 
Just inside - yep, that's right, Jacob's very own Mystery Machine - made by his Papaw!
There were Scooby Snacks (Jacob helped me name everything... Scoober-iza, Scoob-tato Chips, Mystery Juice and Scooby Cakes.  We also had cheese balls - I just couldn't bring myself to call them Scooby Balls or better yet, Shaggy balls... Ha!!!)
A fun photo booth with special little props
A Mystery Machine painting project (we split up the kiddos in 3 teams)
Then, the teams had to help solve a mystery... Jacob's presents were taken by a mysterious villain.  The teams had to follow clues around the church to help solve the mystery.  The final clue was tied around Daddy's leg - he was the villain.  It was hysterical to watch the kiddos try to catch him.  Finally, the last clue led Jacob to the Kids Studio for presents. 
Not sure who had more fun... Daddy, the villain or the kiddos.  :-)  Jacob said this was his favorite part.  It was a lot of work, but so totally worth it. 
Finally, the night ended with individual shots in the photo booth with Jacob and all his buds.  And then, yep, for part two of Scooby night, we had a sleepover at our house.  7 kiddos came over.  We watched the Scooby Doo Movie, played a few games, did legos and went to bed.  Girls in one room, boys in another.  :-)  Yes.  We did have a co-ed sleepover.  Hee hee!  The kiddos were amazing.  All asleep by 11.  We got them up early and all went to church with us the next morning.  Jacob was a very happy little boy and kept saying, "this is the best day ever!  Thanks for working so hard on my party mommy."  Yes, yes,  I'd do it all over again to see that smile.  I love my job as m-o-m.  Thank you Jesus! 

Sunday, October 06, 2013

36 things

(this bloggy post is LONG overdue! - It's been in my saved drafts FOREVER - was gonna add pictures, but text only is all I've got today!! - but here's to remembering the little things and blogging more often!)

I had a FANTASTIC birthday.  I am one blessed momma.  For real!  Here's to 36! Just some facts...
1.  You never ever get to turn off "Mommy" - sometimes I wish you could, but the thoughts, the worries, the feelings of being mommy never go away. 
2.  I'm not complaining - I love my job as mommy, but the constant feelings of "am I a good enough mommy?" or "wonder how they are feeling right now?"  or "hope they are enjoying reading today at school."...never.go.away. 
3.  Being mommy of three boys makes me totally outnumbered.  Not that I wasn't before, but sometimes I just need a little more estrogen and a little less testosterone.  Ha!
4.  I clean the bathrooms in my house, but I'm ready to pass the torch.  I mean, I can promise you that I AM NOT THE ONE WHO GETS PEE ON THE FLOOR AROUND THE POTTY! 
5.  My house can be clean one minute and totally cluttered the next minute.  How does that happen? 
6.  On days that I work (Tuesdays and Thursdays), I feel as though I miss out so much on the boys' lives.  I'm so grateful for my part time work schedule, but those days sure are long. 
7.  Jacob had a really yucky bike wreck tonight.  In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too bad, but when you see your baby face down on the concrete, your heart will stop and you might accidentally pee your pants.  I was a little concerned that his permanent teeth were damaged, but all is good.  
8.  I'm really grateful for new friends God has placed in my life over the last year. 
9.  My hubby's watching football.  Blah - I'm trying to enjoy it with him. 
10.  Year 35 brought exciting news of a new baby!  Here's to never having that news again. 
11.  Year 35 also brought us to the hospital with our sweet baby for breathing problems.  Here's to NEVER ever being in the hospital again with our sweeties. 
12.  Jacob is in another play at the Shelby County Community Theater.  Fun times. 
13.  Jonathan is really enjoying kindergarten and is working so hard on his reading! 
14.  We affectionately refer to Joshua as "TAZ" - short for, you guessed it, Tasmanian Devil.  His personality just fits the description.  He's into everything!
15.  Billy is still working in Shelbyville - thank the Lord.  That is such a huge blessing for our family.  Our gas expenses too! 
16.  Joshua is a bottomless pit.  He eats anything and everything in sight.  I sometimes wish someone else could feed him - just to expose him to all the things the picky Stover crew never will. 
17.  I love running - but not by myself.  I'm running about 15 miles per week.  It feels good.
18.  Billy and I are 100% totally addicted to the show 24.  I know we are about ten years late to the party, but we just happened to find the reruns and are loving it so much!
19.  Jacob's play was time consuming, but so amazing.  It was called "Jack and the Giant." 
20.  The songs from the play continue to run through my head.  Especially, "fee fee fi fi fo fo fum." 
21.  Parent teacher conferences were successful - boys are doing great!
22.  We are excited to be having another niece in a few months.  We are thrilled for Kelly and Shawn. 
23.  Joshua opens the cabinet in the kitchen with his plastic bowls and plates and completely empties its contents - at least 20 times each day.  TAZ!!
24.  Billy and I are teaching 1-3 grade girls again this year at church.  We are really enjoying it.  For some reason, God's got me camped out in the Old Testament.  Enjoying seeing how all the stories flow. 
25.  A gallon of milk spilled in our van last week.  It reeked - still does, but is better!  Did you know that a bag of charcoal under the seats neutralizes odors???
26.  It does not seem possible that my baby is almost seven and Joshua is almost one.  I just want to put on the breaks. 
27.  Billy's on the pastor search committee at church - it's super time consuming, but I'm so proud of him.  Praying hard for our church.  We have SO much potential. 
28.  Every morning, we carry the boys down to our bed.  After they get their school clothes on, they watch Tom and Jerry - I love how it makes them laugh. 
29.  One of my most favorite times of the day EVER is going in Joshua's room first thing... his bed head is awesome.  He smiles HUGE.  He tries to hide from me in his crib under his little blanket. 
30.  After I pick him up, I say, "drop your paci" - and he throws it back in his bed. 
31.  He also likes to turn off the light for me - when he does, he claps for himself. 
32.  Three boys = lots and lots of laundry!
33.  Joshua and I love stroller rides - but running with him is no joke. 
34.  I'd really like to work on publishing a book full of social skill practice activities.  I do a weekly social skills group and love it, but I'd really like to formalize all my ideas into a book - anybody know how I could/should get started?
35.  Joshua loved to put the pegs of his little puzzles in his mouth and it's so cute.  I distinctly remember the other boys doing the same thing! 
36.  I am so blessed.  I love my life!  I pray that I would not allow the enemy to steal my joy as I live life in the trenches of a busy momma! 

How's that for some random thoughts???