Sunday, May 31, 2009


Jonathan has experienced a few "firsts" lately and I just have to share them. He had his first experience in the swimming pool - he's not a big fan... his trip in the pool lasted about 45 seconds - barely long enough for me to snap a shot of him! He also got to ride on a "tractor" at Grammy and Pa's house (lawn mower) - this was part of a week-long visit to Grammy and Pa's; another first for both the boys. We were away from them from Tuesday -Saturday (I did see them on Friday briefly before Billy and I headed off to Nashville for a wonderful relaxing evening to celebrate our fourth anniversary. We were a little nervous to leave them so long, BUT they had a blast and so did Grammy and Pa!!!!!

On a similar note, I can't make this post without saying I LOVE YOU SO MUCH to my awesome husband. I love our life and I love sharing everything about parenthood with you. Can't imagine anything different or better for our lives. You are a wonderful husband and the perfect daddy for our boys. What a role model you are for them - you will slowly teach them by example how to love other people, how to see the best in all situations (even when I see the glass as half empty), how to put others' needs and desires before theirs, and eventually, how to love their spouse in the way God would lead. You are amazing! I love you so much!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Jonathan - Happy Birthday to you!!!! Big boy turned one yesterday and it was so much fun! I can't believe he's already one - really, this year has flown! He had so much fun at his party!!! He wore these cute little madras plaid shorts - all his shorts are so long because his leggies are SHORT!!!! They were precious. Here's a few pics from the day!

Friday, May 29, 2009


occasionally, I post about fun conversations with my little guy, Jacob... well, last night's was just too good not to share. We went to Target to pick up a few things for Big.Boy.Jonathan (I can't believe he's already 1!) On our way back home, it was thunderstorming - we kept trying to show Jacob the lightening as it was very very pretty (scary, but pretty!). Jacob started saying "where's the thunderlight" I thought that was SOOO cute - and I also think somewhere along the line, lightening got the wrong name - I think "thunderlight" is much more appropriate. Cute, huh?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

babies - necessities or not???

Okay - so my friend Tiff recently created a post that inspired this one...she's a new mommy-to-be (YEAH for baby Keene) and went into Babies R Us and came out totally overwhelmed. There is so much to think about!!! So here's some of the things I either bought or received as a new mommy that just weren't as necessary as I thought they would be:
baby booties and baby shoes (maybe I'm a bad mom, but neither of my boys hardly ever wore shoes until they were crawling!!) I have a whole basket of shoes and booties that have never been worn!
Diaper genie - I know some people swear by them, but we rarely used ours and when we did, it was only for "pee" diapers - there's just something yucky about poopie diapers just sitting in a white trash can in the boys room - Kroger bags work like magic!!!
Blankets - i love baby blankets as they are so versatile, but seriously, I probably bought/received 25 blankets that were never ever used!!!! I ended up finding about 5 that Loved and used all the time.
Bottle Warmer - used it only once - a warm cup of water is MUCH easier, more portable and easier to explain to grandparents. :-)

Some things that I got and have used the heck out of: the pack n play -stays at the sitters - that's where they sleep!; extra car seat bases for the infant car seat - had one in each car and for the babysitter!; hooded towels - LOVE THEM!!!!; car organizer -thing that hangs on the back seat - great storage for toys and books as they get older; little tupperware dishes - great for snacks; spoons - I never seem to have enough - they seem to disappear!; tubes of diaper cream - seriously you need one in every room of the house (changing tables are over rated - the floor works much better for those wiggly little peeps!); extra pacis (if your baby uses one - be aware though...babies get to be very particular about the type of pacis they use!)

what about you???? Any thoughts on essentials for babies and toddlers? Any things I will just have to have as my boys get older???

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Jacob

Dear big boy,

Hi honey - it's mommy again -time for your monthly letter from me. :-) You are growing and changing so much! I just love watching you figuring out new things and learning so much. You have a very fun personality - some highlights from the last month:

You got a boo boo on your knee - you showed EVERYONE!!!! Even the lady at McAlisters who was checking us out. FUNNY! You were in Aunt Kelly and Uncle Shawn's wedding - you were hands down the CUTEST ring bearer ever. You loved your tuxedo. (Not a tux - you always corrected us when we called it a tux.) This letter's going to be a little different. Just so we never forget the funny things you say, I'm just going to make a list of them. It's so fun to hear you talk:

"manacain" (manaquin - you have this strange obsession with them...)

"How bout????" you always say this to us when you want something else.

"Member mommy? Member Daddy?"

"do you like jellyfish mommy?"

"Kissy Kiss" - hershey kiss

"this is a pork chop maker" - pointing to the grill

"salam" - salad - to you, a salad is cheese and bacon bits
"what time is it?" - you are actually showing some real smarts here - you know all the numbers
"2 more minutes"
"I need the troll" -(remote control)

And one of my all time favorites - "those aren't ducks mommy, those are geese." ahem - I stand corrected.

You are simply precious. Love you forever and always! You are and always will be my best little friend.
love, Mommy

Dear Jonathan

Dear Jonathan,

Hi Sweet boy!!!!!!! I love you so much! You are just growing too fast! I can't believe you're going to be one in two weeks! It's really hard to believe. This time last year, I just couldn't wait to see what you would look like, to hold you and snuggle you. You exceeded all my expectations - you are perfect!

here are some of the really cute things you do and say right now:

You love balls - love to bounce them, throw them, catch them, chase them... so cute!

You are turning into a little bit of a TV junkie - you love watching praise baby - you get so excited when the other little babies come on. You wave your arms at them like you're trying to grab them.

You love to "cook" - when Mommy's in the kitchen, all I have to do is open up the shelf with the pots and pans and you just go to town. You get really big spoons and stir away - I don't know what you're cooking, but it sure is yummy!

You love the sandbox - I was a little nervous about letting you play with it, but you love it - you never even attempt to eat the sand (which is what I was afraid of!)

You love to walk in the laundry room and play with the garbage can - weird, I think, but it sure fascinates you!

You love to go on walks! You laugh at our shadows.

You DO NOT like to stand or walk in the grass - don't know why, but you really can't stand it.

You love wind chimes - you grab them every time you walk by.

You sometimes throw tantrums - like full blown tantrums - you scream, throw yourself back and cry - they only last about 10 seconds, but they are definitely tantrums. oh gosh - what's next???

YOU ARE SLEEPING SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! thank you thank you thank you for that!

You were "dedicated" to the Lord last weekend at church and we pray for you all the time. The verse we have chosen for you is Matt 22:37.

Baby boy, I love you so much! I'll be your best friend and biggest fan all the days of your life!

Love, Mommy

(here you are after finding a "treasure" in the laundry room!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Being a mommy

Being a mommy is a great great thing. Mother's Day has always been fun, because I have a great mommy! The last three mommy days have been so special with my little sweeties! Yesterday, I got the sweetest gifts - first, Jacob made the most adorable card for me in Sunday school - I love it and will truly treasure it forever! Then, Billy made me a little scrapbook with some special pics of the boys - it's a pre-made Hallmark scrapbook with places to journal. He took so much time to write special messages all throughout the book. I love it!!!!! I promise, it's one of the things (after my boys of course) that I'd grab if our house was on fire. I really have the best husband in the world - sorry all you ladies. I really do have the best!!!!!

Mother's day was very special for lots of reasons - it was baby dedication day at church so we dedicated Jonathan to the Lord - Billy and I pray for our boys every day! We chose Matt. 22:37 as our life verse, so it's only fitting that it's the verse we pray over both our boys. The day was quite eventful... Billy had been out of town ALL week and was scheduled to fly in at 9:55. WELL, at 8:45, I got a message that his plane was delayed. Thank the Lord, he made it - with one minute to spare for baby dedication. Literally, he walked in at 10:59 - thank you Jesus!!! Then Jacob proceeded to run up and down the isles while we were on stage....i just knew that all eyes were on me, the MOTHER of that silly little person.

All in all though, as I reflect, being a mommy is my most important job. I sure am not perfect at it - in fact a lot of times I down right stink at it, but I try so hard to be a good mommy to these boys. I pray all the time for wisdom and the right "trick" that will help them be obedient and respectful. Lord help me with that one...

Here's a few shots from our special day. Thank you Jesus for the most wonderful family ever!!! I am blessed beyond imagination!