Friday, March 22, 2013

five months old already? You can't be serious...

Hello everyone!  I'm five months old (actually, 5 1/2 but who's counting?)... I love being 5 months old.  It's way better than being 4 months old.  See??? I get to hang out in this really cool toy.  It lets me sort of stand up, which I think is awesome because it's more like what my brothers do.  I can also see them better this way.  BUT, I only like it for about 5 minutes at a time.  I am a diva after all - what does that word, "diva" mean anyway??? My mommy and daddy call me that sometimes.  I mean who wouldn't want to go potty as soon as you get a dry diaper on?  Mommy and daddy are so silly. 

I also get to hang out with super cool people like my Grammy and Pa and Mamaw and Papaw.  Here I am in the awesome and strong arms of my pa.  Did you know that I'm named after him? 

My mommy also finally remembered to put my number 5 onesie on for my famous photo shoot.  I'm getting so big.  Do my legs look big to you?  Hmm, they do to me.  I guess my mommy's doing a good job feeding me.  I love my life.  I have so much fun.  I have a couple of new tricks - I can totally grab my toes and I can roll over both ways.  I'm also getting really good at grabbing things and playing a little with my toys.  I even grab things I'm not supposed to like mommy's hair and food off their plates.  I'm so cool!  Oh and guess what else???  I can blow bubbles and squeal really loud.  Hee hee.  Don't be jealous!  I still eat five times a day and am only getting mommy's milk so far.  They keep talking about cereal or something, but I haven't tried it yet.  I am one happy happy boy.  I smile all the time.  I like it a lot when mommy or daddy play peek-a-boo with me or smell my feet and say "shoooooweeeee."  Sometimes they make me laugh so much I get the hiccups.  I also laugh a lot when mommy wipes my bottom.  It shouldn't be funny, but it is to me.  :) You know who else makes me giggle?  My big brothers.  Goodness, they are funny dudes!  I love them so much and can't wait to get big enough to play.  I love to watch them play basketball and cards and superheros and well, anything really.  They are really great big brothers. 
Well, I guess that about wraps it up for my 5 month update.  Life is good from my little eyes.  I am one blessed little man. 

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Snow Day Fun

(ps - I'll add pics later!)

I love snow days!  Maybe not in March, but I love them, none the less.  I used to love them as a little girl too.  Now, as a parent, I couldn't wait to watch the news to see if SCPS was cancelled.  Even though I know we are signed up to get a "one call" from the school system telling us they are cancelled, I still like watching the news to wait and see if it comes across the bottom.  Weird?  Probably.  But oh well. 

So, yesterday, we had a snow day.  Only the second this year, and I hope the last, since this momma desperately needs some SUNSHINE!!!  But, since we had a snow day, of course I wanted to make the best of it.  Our day was fun - Jacob even said, "this is the best snow day ever!" several times.  :-)

So, to start, we had an epic game of Life.  Yep, the boys love board games and so do I!  I won, but hey, who's keeping track, right?  Then, after consulting Pinterest, we made a list of several must-do projects. 

First, we took an ordinary bar of Ivory soap and put it in the microwave.  Y'all, if you haven't ever done this.  Do it.  Now.  It is really cool.  Messy, but cool.  It grows into this big ball of white fluff.  So, we used it to make snowy scenes.  (caution - if you are weary of messes, probably not the project for you!).  We glued little pieces of the fluff on blue paper and then created snowmen to go with it.  Then, we jointly created a story titled, "The Snowy Day."  Each of us got to work together by adding one sentence at a time.  We even illustrated it.  It was quite entertaining.  Especially since the house smelled like ivory soap and each time you breathed or moved, little white flakes of the fluffy stuff would fly around.  Cute story.  Weird illustrations.  My kind of fun. 

Then, the boys wanted to play outside (which I detest by the way - I hate being cold!) so I wasn't sad at all that it was time for the boy to eat.  So, I sat in the warmth, fed the boy and watched as they frolicked and threw snow on each other.  Then, they piled all their warm clothes in a heap on the kitchen floor and we had hot cocoa. 

Then, we did an experiment with magnets and pipe cleaners.  Also pretty cool.  No too messy and super easy.  It kept Jonathan occupied for quite some time.  Jacob liked it okay, but it didn't entertain him as long.  Joshua was just along for the ride.  :-) 

For lunch, I made grilled cheese sandwiches and cut out the shape of a snowman - pretzel arms, peanut eyes, ketchup scarves and teenty tiny cheeze-its for snow flakes. Yep, I did that all on my own.  Without Pinterest.  :-) 

After all that, this momma was exhausted and the house was (and still is) a disaster.  So we had some quiet time, which wasn't really quiet - they are boys, after all.  Momma chilled and watched my guilty pleasure - 90210 reruns on SOAP.  We then did some crafty cards for the father-in-law's birthday and called it a day.  I have to admit, I'm always super glad when Daddy walks in the door in the afternoons, but I was REALLY glad yesterday.  I was pooped.  Messy house, smiling kids and a momma still in her jammies to prove it.  Guess what???  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am blessed.