Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas!

What a wonderful couple of days we've had!  There are some things I just never ever want to forget, so here's our Christmas highlights.  Hopefully, this will help when ONE day, I finally get time to sit down and scrapbook our wonderful life.  Until then, it's the electronic version that will have to do. 
 I love that these two cuties woke up REALLY early and were so excited!  I love that we read the Christmas story and prayed together as a family before the madness began!  I also love bed heads.  :-)
 I love that the big boys love and adore their little brother so much.  I also love that Jacob chose his own clothes for Christmas Eve with the Stover/Duncan family.  He wore his very loud elf hat too and looked in the mirror and said, "Oh my gosh I look so cute."  No joke... he really said that!
 I just love this.  That is all.  I mean how could you not??? 

    I love that Jacob was so thoughtful and bought something for Jonathan at the Santa Shop at his school.  Even though it wasn't "his own money," it sort of was and it was totally his idea.  I love that!!!  He tried to find something for Joshua too, but they didn't have any baby stuff. 
I love that Joshua somehow had about 8 Christmas outfits to wear. We tried to give each one equal time. :-) Here's one of my favorites!
Some other highlights...
  • I love Jonathan's expressions and his sincere words of gratitude when he opened presents... "I love that one.  I wanted that!  Wow, isn't that cool?  Thank you thank you thank you..."  On almost every present.  It was precious. 
  • I love that our little family got to participate in the service at church by lighting the advent candle.  Jacob was such a big boy reading part of our script.  First service went great.  Second service... well, let's just say I cut out a whole paragraph of what I was supposed to read because Joshua was starving and spitting out his paci to scream a little hungry. 
  • I love that we got to spend so much time with our families. 
  • I love that I have eaten so very very bad the last couple of days.  Okay, that's a lie.  I don't love that, but I do love the food I got to eat.  Now, I need to get control and get my butt in gear to exercise! 
  • I love all the homemade ornaments my kiddos make me at school.  I used to make fun of my momma for putting all the ornaments my sister and I made for her on the tree even when we were grown.  Now I know why she does it.  There is nothing better than a homemade angel or nativity scene to add the prefect touch to any tree. 
  • I love love love that my hubby is home this whole week.  Yay! 
I love our little traditions we are creating.  It's hard to not have the "gimmes" at Christmas time.  We are no exception to that, but we try really hard to remind the boys of the best gift of all - the birth of Jesus. 
    Merry CHRISTmas from our family to yours! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

two months old already???

Time just keeps going faster... with each child, it seems like time is just speeding along faster and faster and faster.  I know I've said this before, but sometimes I really wish I could freeze time.  Now would be one of those.  I'd forgotten how much fun 2 month old babies are.  :-)

Joshua weighs in at a whopping 12 lbs and is 23" long.  He falls right in the 50th percentile - so he may be a bit more petite than my other crazies, who have seemed to be in the upper 80s or 90th percentile most of their lives. 

Joshua is the easiest baby on the planet.  Hands down.  (Thank you Jesus - you knew we couldn't handle a high maintenance kiddo!)  He is so happy and content and seriously hardly ever cries.  And oh my word, he is flexible.  I suppose he has to be a go with the flow kind of dude with our hectic schedule. 

He is one happy baby!  No one can make him smile or talk like his daddy does and it is precious!  Though I will admit, I was secretly happy that his first smiles were reserved for me.  :-)  He and daddy have the cutest talks.  I love the way Joshua stares at daddy intently when he first gets home from work.  Love love love!!!

People constantly ask what's the hardest part of having three or what's been the toughest part?  Well, honestly, he just really fits in to our family so well, but the hardest part is getting him on a good schedule.  Thankfully, he's flexible, but I feel so bad for him.  He's constantly in and out of the car, which is interrupting his daytime sleep (and consequently he is not sleeping well at night either.).  I have to load him up to take Jacob to school at 720, Jonathan to school at 9, pick up Jonathan at 12 and then pick up Jacob at 220...  see??? Lots of transitions.  He is still getting up at least twice to eat - like clockwork.  I'm hopeful he will start sleeping through the night really soon... hint hint, sweet baby boy! 

Oh Joshua, how I love you.  I can't imagine life without you.  You are so special and you complete our family in the best way.  Your brothers adore you and will always be here for you.  They may overwhelm you at times, but I promise you, they would walk through fire for you.  So would mommy and daddy.  We love you so much!  I know God has a very special plan for you. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

It's Henry Time

Jacob man made his acting debut this weekend.  He played Henry in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at the Shelby County Community Theater.  The play is absolutely adorable. 
Here's Jacob on opening night -getting ready to go to his first performance.  Mommy got to go help out backstage that night. 
 Night two - the audience was full of Jacob's biggest fans - mommy, daddy, little bro, Mamaw, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Susan and some other family and friends. 
 Jacob's Papaw also happens to be in the play as a fireman - see below!  Papaw loves the theater and has been in a few shows and likes to be behind the scenes working on set, playing music, doing the lights, etc.  He encouraged Jacob to audition, and I'm so glad he did... Jacob has really enjoyed it. 

It's been a huge time commitment, but every second of it has been worth it.  Jacob did awesome in his little role.  He has one speaking line, but is on stage a lot.  SOOOO stinking cute!  The play is very well done.  All the actors did a great job.  If you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT!!! This weekend there are shows on Thursday through Sunday.  A great story about the real meaning of Christmas.  It'll definitely kick start your holiday spirit. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello world... I'm one month old!

Cannot believe my baby is already one month old.  Time seems to be flying.  Here's what the cutie pie is up to lately...
* He weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs 8 oz and is now 21 1/2 inches tall.  (50 percentile for both)
* He is a super easy baby!  So chilled and relaxed.  Thank the Lord for that!
* He loves to lay flat on his back on his little play mat and look around.  He is so content!
* He's starting to kick his legs and move his arms like crazy.  I love that. 
* He has beautiful eyes  -they are steely grey.  I wish they would stay that color forever. 
* He's eating every three(ish) hours during the day and sometimes goes 4-5 hours at night.  Nursing has been frustrating to say the least, so I'm pumping my face off to give him breast milk.  It's hard, but it's working for us for now. 
* One of his nicknames is "super soaker" - seriously, little dude pees all the time and OFTEN pees right through his diaper.  I change his clothes multiple times a day. We've tried Huggies and Pampers - neither seems better than the others. 
* His other nickname is "the boy."  Even Jacob and Jonathan call him that sometimes. 
* He sounds congested a lot, especially at night.  He makes loud grunting noises and sounds like an old man.  Pediatrician says it is a slight form of reflux - no intervention necessary. 
* He naps in his crib during the day, but is still sleeping in our room at night. 
* I love love love the way he stares at and studies his daddy's face when he comes home from work every day.  It is precious! 
* He is fitting into our little family with ease.  The big boys adore him and are so helpful and wonderful with him.  They like to hold him, sing to him and talk to him.  Jonathan is constantly trying to give him things.  It's so cute.

I love having a newborn again.  It's a lot of fun.  Busy, but fun.  I am tired...all.the.time.  But I feel so  blessed and thank God for the amazing way he has blessed and redeemed my life. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life is 6 years old

It's almost a month overdue, but here's a little ode to Jacob as he turned 6 years old on October 14.  Usually, I write a letter to each boy on their birthday, but I'm shaking things up a bit.  I interviewed my big boy... here's the unedited version: (Jacob's answers in italics)
1.  What's your favorite color? blue
2.  What's your favorite toy?  Batman's Batcave
3.  What's your favorite food?  cookies, no wait... ice cream!
4.  What's your favorite TV show?  umm, that's tough.  I know, the Brady Bunch
5.  What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  spaghetti
6.  What's your favorite outfit?  Batman shirt
7.  What's your favorite game?  Sega Sonic
8.  What's your favorite board game?  Trouble
9.  What's your favorite snack?  tootsie rolls
10.  What's your favorite animal?  tigers
11.  What's your favorite song?  The gummy bear song I learned at PSE
12.  What's your favorite book?  Bedtime Favorites
13.  What's your favorite part of kindergarten?  duh, recess!
14.  What are you most proud of?  Being in a play, "the Best Christmas Pageant Ever." 
15.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Batman
16.   Who's your role model?  what's a role model?  I don't really know about that one.  Not sure I have one. 
17.  If you had a magic wand, what three wishes would you wish for?  To become Batman, to become Spiderman and to become Superman
18.  Who's your best friend?  (with a sweet smile) Jonathan and Joshua
19.  What's your favorite Bible story?  Jacob's ladder
20.  What's your favorite Bible verse?  Hebrews 13:8 - just like Daddy
21.  What's your favorite holiday?  Christmas
22.  How do you know mommy and daddy love you?  that's easy, because you tell me! 

Also, each year, we try to get some pictures of the boys in one of daddy's white dress shirts to document how they are growing. Here's this year's photo shoot...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our new addition... the birth story

A little overdue, but I must introduce Mr. Joshua Mitchel Stover to the bloggy world.  Our third baby boy was happily welcomed into this world on Thursday, October 11.  Yep, that's right, his birth date is 10-11-12.  Pretty cool.  Apparently lots of people chose this date for c-sections and inductions, because the hospital was crazy crowded.  We didn't choose the date, it chose us.  :-)  It was our due date though, but I honestly didn't think he would come until the weekend.  But, we had a check-up with the OB that morning and an ultrasound to check on fetal movement.  Apparently, Joshua wasn't really cooperative and he only scored 4 out of 8 on his biophysical profile, so our doctor smiled and said, "looks like we're going to meet this baby today. Here's the plan.  You are going to walk down stairs, get admitted and we will see him soon - hopefully, he'll cooperate once the fetal monitor is on, but if not, we might see him REALLY soon."  So off we went.  I was really nervous.  I didn't want a c-section.  I just didn't intuitively feel like he was coming that day.  So much for mommy intuition.  We weren't even prepared.  We had driven two cars into Louisville that day.  I was planning on working that afternoon, for crying out loud.  I love it when God takes over and just does His thing in His timing.  That's what I had prayed throughout this pregnancy - that we wouldn't be given the choice to induce or not.  Well, that's exactly what happened. 

So, we got admitted, hooked up and off things went.  He was cooperating better, so there was no need for a c-section, thank you Jesus!!! Billy ran home to get our stuff and I got hooked up for monitoring and was given an antibiotic through IV.  I was dilated at 3 when we got there, but they decided to go ahead and speed things along with pitocin and breaking my water fairly soon after we got there.  My birth plan (all natural) kind of went out the window because of BACK LABOR.  OUCH is all I have to say.  I made it to almost 7 cm and finally asked for an epidural when I semi-yelled something like "this is crazy stupid" to Billy.  You know what??? I'm not sad about it.  At all.  I enjoyed the labor and delivery so much more after that little epidural.  I progressed quickly and the whole experience (leaving the OB's office to delivery) lasted only 7 hours.  And, can I mention that my OB is an angel?  She wasn't even on call that day and drove back to the hospital that evening to deliver our sweet baby boy.  She delivered both Jacob and Jonathan, so I'm just so grateful it happened the way it did. 

I hate to make some mommas jealous, but I only pushed 3 times. (i think it's because I exercised throughout pregnancy and my body is in pretty good shape).   Seriously.  30 seconds of pushing and I got to hold my sweet baby boy.  His cord was around his neck, not tightly, thank the Lord, but apparently, that was the reason he'd failed his little tests that morning.  He was perfect from the start.  Great APGAR scores and just beautiful.  He surprised us by being smaller than we thought.  He was 7 lbs 10 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.  He also had a bunch of black hair.  For some reason I thought he was going to be bald.  No idea why, but I was dead wrong!  Perfect is all I can say.  We enjoyed a little time with just him and his mommy and daddy.  What a precious few minutes. 

Oh Joshua - you are so loved.  Welcome to our world little man!  Your brothers are completely obsessed with you and hold you all.the.time.  You guys are going to be the three little amigos and it makes my heart happy knowing how much fun you guys will have together.  You have the best daddy on the planet.  Hands down.  He loves you so much.  He's quite the role model - watch him carefully and follow in his footsteps as he leads you toward Jesus.  I love you to the moon and back my sweet friend and even more than that.  You make my heart feel whole.  Love love love love you! 

Monday, October 08, 2012


A little update about the oldest Stover kiddo... Jacob is doing great!  He is still loving Kindergarten and is learning a lot.  He really enjoys getting homework (go figure... he's a little like his momma.)  He is totally into writing little messages and he writes them every where.  My favorite lately has been: "Jacob is a cool kid.  He really is.  He is cool. He is fun"  His teacher has been encouraging him to expand his writing and he's now up to 5-6 sentences.  It's so cute.  He is reading like a champ and scored very well on the preliminary standardized tests at school.  I couldn't be more proud.  He loves (and even keeps me accountable!!!) the little notes I put in his lunchbox every day.  I started it the first day of school.  Lord, please help me never forget to put one in his lunchbox.  He would be crushed!!!!

Kindergarten has kind of mellowed him out. He loves to read and comes home and just soaks up our time together.  He is so sweet and a delight to be around most all the time.  He's also very intuitive.  A couple of times lately, I have been sad (my emotions have been crazy this whole pregnancy, but these were special times...).  My aunt died suddenly a few weeks ago and I had a really hard time with it.  After I got the news, I was laying down in bed and my sweet little Jacob came in and snuggled me.  Genuine, unselfish snuggling.  Nothing could have made my day more than that!   

He has really enjoyed playing soccer this year.  So cute!!!  He's pretty good - he's fast and seemed to "Get" the game.  He even scored a goal.  I wonder if he'll keep his interest??? Who knows. 

Drum roll please...Jacob man is going to be in the little community theater play this Christmas season.  He is so excited.  The play is "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever."  And Jacob is Henry the angel.  I can't wait.  His papaw is really into the play thing, so this is something the two of them can share.  I'll be his biggest fan - that's for sure.  This play thing is no joke though.  Lots of practices and lots of time commitment.  He is pumped about it.  :-) 

Lastly, and I can't believe I'm typing these words... He turns 6 next Sunday.  Holy moly.  This time six years ago, I was imagining what he would look like, smell like and act like.  Now, I'm doing the same for his baby brother.  Special times.  I can't believe he's almost 6.  The last 6 years have been wonderful.  I love being momma to Jacob.  He stretches my heart more than I ever imagined.  We had a fun "friends" party for him last weekend - I wanted him to have a special time before baby changes our family.  He is determined that he will NOT share his birthday with Joshua... i hope that for his sake, that's true.  Happy Birthday sweet boy. 
OH, Jacob, I love you to the moon and back.  You are such an awesome kiddo!  Can't wait to see how God uses you in your life.  Keep shining for Jesus!!!

Monday, October 01, 2012

september update

wow - time is flying.  Cannot believe it's already October, which means it's almost D DAY!!!  Excited to meet baby Joshua SOON SOON SOON.  So, just going to try to do a quick update on everyone one at a time.  :-) 

So, what's new for the youngest (for now) Stover.  My sweet little Jonathan had an eventful September.  Here's the highlights: 

He started preschool again - he's in the three day program at FBC and LOVES every single second of it.  His teacher is Mrs. Ashby, and she (like everyone else at FBC preschool) is fabulous.  He has several friends from last year and his buddy Walker in his class, so that's super fun.  It's hilarious... he gives absolutely no details about his day other than, "I rode bikes."  Well, alrighty then.  So, thankfully I know the questions to ask and I can pull out of him what he ate for snack or who he sat by or what songs they sang, etc.  Fun stuff.  Really! 


Jonathan also made his soccer debut.  You know what?  He really likes it.  I was a little hesitant to see how he would react, but he really hangs tough and likes it a lot.  AND....drum roll please... he scored a goal yesterday!!!  That may not seem like a big deal, but really, our team has only scored maybe 6-7 goals all season and one of those was by Jonathan.  Big bro Jacob also scored one during the first game.  :-)  Maybe I'll be a big time soccer mom one day??? 

Speaking of big brother, Jonathan has had quite the transition without Jacob around all the time since he's in kindergarten.  In fact, he's downright sad at the sitters sometimes because life just isn't as eventful without Jacob to play with.  I pray that God is using this time to help him be comfortable who he is and realizing just how special he really is. 

I think he is totally ready and excited to be a big brother.  He is so sweet... he always includes Joshua in his family pictures and he prays for him a lot at night.  He also is careful to kiss my belly.  He did ask the dreaded question today though... "mommy how did baby Joshua get in your tummy?"  Hmmmmm... well, I gave a nice vague answer and he was satisfied.  :-) 

Here's a few other tidbits about sweet little Jonathan:
* he insists that we hold hands when we pray at meal time
* he's into trying to figure out what letter all words start with
* he loves toys.  All toys.  He just really genuinely enjoys playing and it's precious. 
* He is very dramatic and can turn on the whine like no other.  I can't stand it, but he is responding much better to the limits I set with him! 
* he's a great eater and takes great pride in that!
* if Jacob ever gets in trouble, Jonathan is quick to say, "Am I being great???"  :-p
* he goes through phases where he doesn't sleep throughout the night and he's in one of those slumps now... really dude, you CAN cover yourself and your animals back up... I promise!  And your water???? DRINK IT ROOM TEMPERATURE DUDE!  :-)
* I love him more and more every single day and I can't wait to see how God uses him.  And that smile??? Melt my heart.  Seriously.  Love him. 

Monday, September 03, 2012

A little monday funny...

So, my big man is getting ready to turn 6.  Totally hard to believe.  We're trying to plan for his birthday a little early since master Joshua is said to make his appearance on or around Jacob's birthday.  We've been talking about what kind of party Jacob might want.  Well, the other day he said the funniest thing...  "daddy, I wanna have a slumber party and here's who I want to invite: Addison, Maggie, Rebekah, Rachel, Eden, Zu Zu, Trent and Kaiden. " You notice anything funny about that list?  Yep - he wants to invite mostly girls to sleep over at our house.  It's kind of interesting that all of those boys once upon a time were born to our Sunday School class at FBC... yet for some reason, none were Jacob's age.  So, the folks he hangs with the most are girls.  And he loves them - and they love him!  And I love them too - it's just a sleepover?  Really???!!!  Needless to say, that's not going to happen, for lots of reasons, one of which is that this almost 9 month preggo momma ain't exactly up for a slumber party... girls or boys, know what I'm saying? He is meeting new friends at school, but it's just weird - I don't know them or their families yet, so inviting them to a party seems premature.   Trying to figure out something that would be just as fun as sleeping over with all his chics for him.  :-) 

On a totally random note, I must say that I have the best hubby ever.  As a part of my birthday week, I got to open a few presents last night I begged to see what he'd been hiding in the baby's closet...  One of the sweetest things I've ever received is a personalized scrapbook for baby Joshua and the first page was already scrapbooked for me.  Billy and the boys created Joshua's first ever scrapbook page with their hand prints and little personal notes from each boy.  Jacob's said, "dear baby, I can't wait to meet you.  I love you."  Jonathan's said, "dear Joshua, I hope you don't get lost in mommy's tummy.  I love you already."  Daddy's said, "remember we'll always be here to hold your hands."  Melt my heart.  Seriously.  Sometimes, I pinch myself to remind me that this really is my life.  I am one blessed momma and wife and would not trade places with anyone for anything.  Ever. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog in bullets...

gonna do a little bullet blogging today... that's about all the energy I can muster.  :-) 
* Jacob is loving Kindergarten!  Today he said, "I like school more than Batman."  Holy moly - y'all know that's a lot!!! He made the comment the other day that they don't pray before they eat like at preschool.  Good opportunity to thank God for FBC preschool.  Also a good reminder to tell Jacob that he can pray any time he wants.  God is always ready to listen!!!!
* Jonathan is adjusting well.  He asks about his bubby 5-10 times a day, but we are enjoying our time together.  He is such a sweetheart.  Every step I make, he makes too! 
* We have decided on a name for the babe... Joshua.  I love the character of Joshua in the Bible and since Jacob and Jonathan are both Biblical names, we wanted to stay true to that.  Middle name has also been decided but not 100% so I won't announce it just yet. 
* My sis in law talked me into registering for a few things.  I feel silly, but I did it.  I registered at Pottery Barn Kids (couldn't resist!) and will register at Target later this week.  :-)  People are being so kind to me and we are having a couple of small showers.  I am one blessed momma!!!
* we are teaching 1st -3rd grade girls for Sunday School this year.  It's a new adventure, but I really like it.  Thankful for my hubs for his leadership in that decision.  Super pumped about our new Children's minister and his family and all that they are doing for our church.  Also so excited to team teach with our friends, Dana and Mike. 
* Baby Joshua wakes me up every morning at about 4:45 or 5 kicking up a storm.  I hope he doesn't think he can do that in October.  Just sayin'. 
* I am totally appalled and perturbed at the crazy parents in carpool line that think the rules don't apply to them.  I mean really - if you are in such a big hurry that you feel the need to cut line and cause a ruckus (don't even know if that's a real word!), then get off your lazy behind and leave earlier so that you can be first in line.  Geesh!!!
* I have a list a mile long of little projects I'd like to get done.  Or more like it, projects I'd like to have done for me.  :-)  As we speak, our wainscoting is being hung downstairs in the kitchen and I can't wait to see the finished product!  I know it's gonna make me want to paint my cabinets white though... of course one project leads to another.  BUT, I promised myself, and my sweet hubs, that I would relax on the "project" list.  Our checkbook's taking a beating with my nesting tendencies these days.  Plus, I REALLY REALLY MUST GET JOSHUA'S NURSERY DONE!!!! I think I need an "operation decorate the nursery" brainstorming session.  Any takers? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I survived!

Well, the day has come and gone.  My big boy now has three whole days of kindergarten under his belt and he loved every single second.  He can't wait to go back tomorrow!  I'm glad that he likes it so much, but secretly I wish he would say, "I really miss you mommy."  I'm so glad he wasn't clinging to us or crying.  That would have been awful.  Nope, he was great.  A little nervous - evident by the very very tight grip he had on my hand walking through the halls of Painted Stone on the first day.  But he quickly found his spot, put his book bag away and sat down at his little table and started coloring his first ever school assignment.  We gave him hugs and kisses and walked out of his classroom.  Y'all, as soon as I turned my back, the waterworks started.  Thankfully, Jacob didn't see me.  His teacher did though, and she ran out in the hall and gave me a big ole hug.  Sigh.  I managed to go to work for a few hours that day, but I have to say, I've never watched the clock as much as I did that day.  I was so ready to see 2:20 pm roll around.  He was SO excited!!!! Daddy was with me, which is super cool that we got to experience this together.  We met some of our friends at the Pie Kitchen and had a celebratory ice cream cone.  Jacob was talking a mile a minute.  It was one of those "let's freeze this moment in time" experiences.  And, even though I'm sad, my heart is happy.  Jacob was excited to go get his bubby and tell him all about his first day.  We are blessed indeed. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Well, it's here... my buddy starts kindergarten tomorrow.  Did you hear that??? I SAID JACOB STARTS KINDERGARTEN TOMORROW!!!! Oh my goodness, I simply can't believe it.  He is totally ready, in every sense of the word, though he did admit to me today as we were walking hand in hand through the mall that he's super happy about it, but also a little nervous.  Well, me too sweet boy, me too. 

Actually, I'm terribly sad.  I know he'll be fine and will love love love school.  I've spent a lot of time praying today that we've done a good enough job preparing him, that we've taught him right from wrong, that he'll make really good friends who also like to follow the rules and do the right thing.  Praying that God will protect him from all the "big bad scary stuff out there" that we've sheltered him from.  Aside from that, I'll really miss him during the day!  Glad to have some 1:1 time with Jonathan, but I'll really miss Jacob!  Jonathan will miss him too.  No doubt about that! 

I love you sweet Jacob.  Now it's time for you to go.  Be who you are.  Shine for Jesus my sweet love!  Can't wait to see your face tomorrow afternoon and hear about your fun day.  :-)  I love you to the moon and back.  I love you forever I love you for always! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

only at Walmart...

Walmart is a great place to entertain the kiddos...  They are actually pretty good about "Looking" and not having the "gimme gimme gimmes."  Usually...  If we say we are not buying any toys, they don't argue and have a blast touching and playing with every single toy (except the pink ones which are "EEEEEWWWWW" to them.) :-) So, today, I needed a couple of things and needed to go get some pictures printed or my camera chip was going to explode.  Well, we all learned a little lesson.  On our way to the photo shop, we see this little boy (only not so little - I'm guessing 7 or 8 years old???) screaming obscenities at his dad.  I mean it was embarrassing.  Jacob looked up at me and said, "what's wrong with that boy and why is his dad not making him behave?"  Jonathan piped up and said, "yeah, I wouldn't do that to you mommy."  I have to admit, I was grateful.  Grateful that they noticed the yucky behavior and grateful that they understand that it is a parent's job to help children understand proper behavior and respect.  And of course, I was grateful it wasn't my kids throwing a fit.  Now, mind you, I've been there.  I have walked out of Lowes before with a screaming toddler in the buggy.  I have had to discipline my kids in public.  I have to remind them to hold my hands.  I have to say no to treats and suckers and all the other shenanigans and propaganda those stores have right at the checkout lanes (pet peeve of mine by the way!)...but, thankfully, when we are in public, most of the time my children have learned there is a proper way to behave. Praise the Lord!  Times like this remind me that this parenting thing is no joke.  Now, when we are in the confines of our house, all bets are off.  :-)

As a caveat, I'm not judging this little boy or his dad.  It just made me think a little.  Nope, it made me think a lot how much I need God's guidance every single step of the way with these three (gulp!) little ones.   

Monday, July 02, 2012

pregnancy update

Well, third time around, and I'm embarassed to say that I haven't done as many pregnancy updates as I'd like.  One day, I want to look back and try to remember all the details... so here goes: 
* 26 weeks - due October 11-16 (we've heard dates all within that range)
* Favorite thing about pregnancy:  the kicks and movements - this little man is a mover and shaker.
* Second favorite thing about pregnancy: talking to the boys about their baby brother... they are already so protective!

* Least favorite thing about pregnancy - feeling huge and back pain.  Lots and lots of back pain...oh and indigestion!  Whoa...
*Weight gain - not too bad (about 12 lbs) - but I do feel large.  I really do!  I think the whole 12 lbs is in my belly!
* Cravings - nothing really, but I have eaten cheeseburgers from Dairy Queen a few times lately...  weird!  Nothing usually sounds good to eat, though someone brought in a bag of mini nestle crunch candy bars to work and I couldn't keep my hands off.  :-(
* Exercise - yep, I'm still at it.  Certainly not as fast, but I'm still running some.  Yesterday I ran 2 miles - which is about all I can do since I have to go potty all the time!  I am also still doing my boot camp class twice a week.  It makes me feel strong.  I have to modify some stuff in class - like I can't lay flat on my back and stuff like that, but I'm so glad I'm still feeling good enough to do it!  I'm hoping that this will help me in the labor and delivery process AND especially after the baby comes to get this weight off quickly. 
* Doctor's appointments - all going well.  Went today for the sugar test.  Heartbeat was 140; I'm measuring just on target.  Blood pressure great. Fortunately, I'm an easy preggers patient! My appointments are quick and easy.  THANK YOU JESUS! 
* The heat is making me swell some and I don't like it, but it's really not too bad.  I'm hopeful that 100+ temps won't last all summer! 
* We cannot decide on a name for this little guy!  We are struggling with the question - do we stick with a "J" name???  Not so sure yet...
* Nursery  - coming together.  We have worked hard to clean out all the "stuff"  - oh my.  Our spare bedroom was the place where stuff just collected.  And collected and collected.  We've thrown away a ton, have a big pile of stuff for Operation Care and taken some furniture to my parents for storage.  I have the bedding/decor down to two choices.  I can't decide.  No theme.  Just some general ideas. 

Here's my latest belly shot (actually it's about only the 3rd one I've taken all pregnancy.)  whoops!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good intentions, but a total disaster...

Well, we've been enjoying a "break" from teaching Sunday School at church since our beloved seniors moved up to the college class for the summer.  So, we went back to our "old" class - which really isn't the same, but good, none the less!  In that class, they are studying a book called "Family Worship."  It's been really great and convicting.  We decided to formalize family worship in our house... now keep in mind that almost every night, we read a Bible story, pray and sing a couple of songs.  But sometimes it's rushed, sometimes we skip one or all parts of it...BUT, we really are making a concerted effort now.  And thank you to my sweet husband for taking the lead!  So, we started it on Sunday night.  We decided to try to get jammies on and brush teeth, etc at about 7:30 so we could do family worship at about 7:45.  We started with scripture memorization (the first part of John 3:16) and let the boys make up hand motions.  We read a story and then prayed.  The boys got to choose who to pray for... that was precious.  Night one - total success.  Night two - pretty darn good too.  The boys are really enjoying this!... Fast forward to night three.  Holy moly, you'd have thought the world was ending.  I was tired.  They were tired.  Billy was tired... bad combo, I realize.  So we started.  Jonathan refused to do the verse, turning his back.  I was fine with that... then he started playing with toys, which I had to redirect him.  He didn't listen.  Then we insisted that he turn around and sit "Criss/cross"  - that he didn't have to participate, but he at least had to listen.  Then the screaming meemy of all tantrums started and he went to time out.  When he came back, he wanted to sit by his brother, who sweetly said, "I don't want to sit by you whiny baby."  (only you and I both know it wasn't sweetly said!).  Which started more screaming and resulted in time outs for both boys.  By that point, I, in all my wisdom, started shouting "just go to bed... now you guys are ruining family worship!" Billy was upset with me, I was upset with him, both boys were upset with each of us and each other, we were upset with the whole deal... So..... we ended family worship and finally everyone got relatively calmed down and Billy just said a prayer of forgiveness for all of us.  Gee whiz... how did something so great so go bad?  I was terribly upset over this whole thing and being 6 months preggo certainly doesn't help matters, so what did I do?  I went downstairs and pouted like a baby.  And cried and cried and cried.  And cleaned the kitchen.  That seemed to help, until the contractions started.  Then I started to panick.....  Then, finally.... I prayed.  I cried out to God and he reminded me that Satan will try to attack us when we least expect it.  Y'all - our little home was under spiritual warfare that night.  There's no doubt about it.  And.I.Don't.Like.It. Not one little bit!!!!! 
We recovered.  I apologized to the kids and to Billy.  He apologized to the kids and to me. All is well!  I'm so thankful that God's mercies are new every morning.  Now, I have to admit, last night when it was time for family worship, I was a little gun shy, but we did it and it went fine.  Thank you Jesus! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

just some stuff...

just some stuff I never want to forget... I'm sure that one day, I'll think of these days as the best of our lives... because every day, I smile or laugh at least 25 times.

I love the ages of 4 and 5.  Funny personalities.  Sweet little hearts.  Greasy little finger prints.  Tight hugs and kisses. 

Here's just a few random things that won't make much sense to anyone else, but to me, are the most precious moments of my life (and keep me sane when they are fighting and acting a fool). 

* Jonathan got this Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday and he takes it everywhere.  When we get in the van or car, he makes sure Buzz is buckled in a seatbelt.  I smile every time I turn around to back out of the driveway and see Buzz buckled up in the very back seat.  :-)

* Taking turns saves my life.  yes, indeed.  We take turns doing everything.  Including praying before meals.  And brushing teeth.  And being in charge of the remote control at rest time. 

* Jonathan thinks he's the Road Runner and says "beep beep" and takes off running really fast. 

* Jonathan has started saying "oh my goodness gracious" and it is so funny. 

* Jacob is all about his "big kindergarten workbook."  He LOVES it and needs virtually no help.  He does it so fast.  So proud! 

* When they do fight, sometimes, I have to turn my head not to show them that I'm laughing when they say, "you are a meanie mister head" or "you mean baby misses."  SO FUNNY! 

* They are both slightly obsessed with underwear.  They giggle like school girls when they see each others or their daddy's or mommy's. 

*They are in to "surprising" me by being all grown up and getting themselves dressed.  Even if they do look like raggamuffins some times.

* For some reason they both like to have a different spoon for every single thing they eat at meal time.  Sometimes, I feel like we go through 10 spoons a meal.!

So, I'm a little late, but Happy Father's Day!

Yep, you guessed it, I'm a little late to the party... I've got several posts in my drafts that I need to upload pics haven't been uploading as fast as I would like, so I just get frustrated and hit save.  Anywhoo....

In honor of father's day, the week before, I did a little interview with my kiddos about their daddy.  They took turns answering the questions.  Precious...Here's the unedited version.  Underlined are their answers. 

"all about my daddy... by Jacob and Jonathan" (ages 5 1/2 and 4)

My Daddy's name is Billy (jacob)
My dad is 36 years old (right mommy?) (jonathan)
His hair is black and his eyes are brown.
My dad's favorite food is potatoes.
My dad likes to wear clothes - like pants and shirts and ties to work sometimes.
My dad's job is he works in Louisville.
He loves to eat cereal.
He is smart because he knows to be nice to people after they talk to him.
My dad works hard at work doing his job.
Daddy always tells me not to be mean back to someone if they are mean to me.
I'm happy when daddy is here! (Jonathan screamed that one...)
I love my daddy because he loves me. (jacob)
I love my daddy because he loves mommy and baby brother. jonathan

So sweet.  Yep, their daddy is awfully great.  I'm so glad God chose Billy to be daddy to Jacob and Jonathan and baby 3 (we really must name this poor babe!).  A shout out to my great dad and father-in-law too.  What awesome men my boys get to watch and learn from.  BLESSED beyond measure!

Monday, June 18, 2012

white shirt tradition

We started a cool little tradition when Jacob turned 1.  Each year on or around the boys' birthdays, we put them in one of Billy's white dress shirts and snap a few photos.  In theory, (or at least in my mind) these are going into an adorable scrapbook entitled "watch me grow."  Well, just a confession... the only ones that have actually made the scrapbook are the ones from 2007 - yep, that's when Jacob was one.  BUT, we have continued to take the pictures and one day, I WILL get the scrapbook done.  (I think I can, I think I can...)

Here's a few shots from Jonathan's 4 year -old "white shirt photo shoot."

Monday, June 04, 2012

Ahhhh... the beach. Probably my favorite place on the planet.! Last week we very quickly decided to take a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. We were planning to go later in the summer, but Billy's co-supervisor will be on maternity leave all summer and he can't get off then... So, it was either now, or September. let me tell you that this momma doesn't want to go anywhere when I'm 8+ months preggo. Much less put on a fat suit. I mean bathing suit. So, now it was. We had the best time! Truly magical memories were made. We soaked in some sunshine and lots and lots of laughs, smiles and fun memories. Not to mention ice cream. There's something about getting ice cream on vacation that totally beats any ice cream you can buy and keep in your freezer. :-) This trip's also special since it's the last before our little family of four transforms to the party of five in October.

**this post has been in my drafts for over a week.  I have tried several times to download pics, but it wouldn't work... and these two pictures took 20 minutes.  uggh...much to update in the next couple of weeks!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy Derby Y'all!

It's the first weekend in May and we're in Kentucky - so y'all know what that means... It's Derby time! I've only been to the Derby once - in the infield...enough said. But, I love it. I love hearing the band play "My Old Kentucky Home" and I love watching the horses walk around the track coming to the gate. Now, I don't know one stinkin' thing about horses and horse racing, but I do love horses. I think they are beautiful. And charming. And mysterious. I don't know one breed from another and I haven't ridden in years, but this time of year, I'm proud to be a Kentuckian! Happy Derby Y'all! Now, I'll watch tomorrow. I'll tear up when the song comes on... BUT it won't beat the Derby I witnessed today, my friends. Jacob's little preschool class had one heck of a Derby celebration. It was so much fun! I love little moments like this as a mommy. I wouldn't have missed today for all the money in the world. They made the cutest horses...and had some fun races - baloon races, carrying a tray with a cup of juice and then, the ultimate... the horse race! First the fillies, then the colts. Then the whole class. I'm so grateful for FBC preschool! Sad that it's coming to an end for my big boy, but oh so grateful! (for some reason I can't post pics tonight...I'll keep trying)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kindergarten Registration

Wow - CANNOT believe that I registered my little man for Kindergarten on Tuesday night. Y'all... I was flat out Sad with a captial S! Oh my word, I cannot believe my baby is big enough for this huge step. :-) In honor of the big day, here's a letter to my sweetie.

Dear Jacob,
My almost (gulp) kindergarten enthusiast... you are amazing in every sense of the word. I love you with all my heart and each day, my love grows even more. You are full of life and full of energy. From the time you get up in the morning until you crash at bedtime, you are a bundle of energy and love to go go go. Anywhere I go, you want to go too. Well, more accurately, anywhere your daddy goes, you want to go too!!

You are so smart. I love your curiosity and how you love to learn new things. You catch on so quickly. You can read really well and especially love to read Dr. Seuss books. You hardly need any help at all! I got to hang out with your preschool class a few days this week and I was so impressed by you. Each morning, you just get busy on your morning worksheet and need very little help or guidance. You are the first one done, but then you do a nice job of coloring quietly. You follow directions well at school and respect Mrs. Lyons and your friends.

You are also counting money and you love to play board games like Disney Monopoly, Sorry and Life. Your favorite TV show right now is Doc McStuffins. Your favorite treat is, oh wait, you like all treats! :-) You like to play playstation, but more than that, you love to play outside - you love to play hide and seek tag and "What time is it Mr. Wolf?" You also learned to propel yourself on the swings - hallelujah! You are working hard to learn to tie your shoes.

You are the sweetest little guy - you love to write sweet little messages to people and love to create special drawings. Your drawings are really pretty good and have lots of details. I'm impressed big guy!

I have loved the age of 5. So much curiosity, so much imaginative play. Behaviorally, you do a really good job of being obedient and using your manners most of the time. I'm so proud to be your momma.

Sweet boy, as you continue to grow, you know that my prayer for you is that you choose to love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul every single day. I pray that you will begin to understand just how big and deep and wide and long God's love is for you! I pray that you will not follow the lead of little boys and girls who choose to make bad choices. I pray that God will place very good friends in your path who also love the Lord and try to do what's right. I pray for your teachers - Kindergarten through college. I pray that you will love and protect your brother and new baby brother or sister every single day. I pray that you always know that you can come to me and trust me with your feelings. I pray that you know just how much you are loved by your mommy and daddy and most importantly, your heavenly Father. He has great things planned for you... can't wait to see how He uses you sweet boy.

With all my love,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

it's the simple things...

(This pic has nothing really to do with this post, but it is a great shot of my handsome sweeties!)

It really is the simple things in life that mean the most. We get so busy "living life" that we forget to stop and say thanks to God for all the great little things in our life. The moments that to anyone else would be completely forgettable, but to me, draw special memories on my heart's wall. Here's a few of those that I just have to document (just in case my preggo self can't remember my name tomorrow or the next day or in 10 years...)

* Jonathan's shear excitement when I brought home cantaloupe from the store today - he said, "you got exactly what I wanted because I ate it at Mrs. Mary's and I loved it." and then he saw the strawberries and said, "that is the hugest berry ever." So cute!

* the boys are in to pretending to create a circus and like to do little tricks on the swing set. Their favorite trick is the "swashbuckle." - no idea what that word means.

* Jacob loves to work in his Huge Kindergarten workbook - he is so smart. Really! So independent. He's even counting money. WHAT????

* Jonathan is totally attached to this random little princess toy that he got at McDondalds - the day he got it, he was a teary mess because they gave him a girl toy rather than a boy toy, but now, for some reason, he takes that little princess everywhere...even in the bathtub.

* The boys love children's church and their favorite song right now is "solid rock." However, they are convinced that it says "Solly rock." Seriously.

* Any time Billy is watching a ballgame on TV, the boys say, "is it the Cats?" When daddy says no, they say, "well then who are you for because I'm for the team that my daddy likes."

* Jonathan loves to help mommy pick weeds - but he only likes the ones with dirt on them.

* Both boys love to play baseball - Jacob is a great hitter! Look out Major league!

* Our weekend was full of special times. And we did nothing. It was glorious!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012