Tuesday, July 24, 2012

only at Walmart...

Walmart is a great place to entertain the kiddos...  They are actually pretty good about "Looking" and not having the "gimme gimme gimmes."  Usually...  If we say we are not buying any toys, they don't argue and have a blast touching and playing with every single toy (except the pink ones which are "EEEEEWWWWW" to them.) :-) So, today, I needed a couple of things and needed to go get some pictures printed or my camera chip was going to explode.  Well, we all learned a little lesson.  On our way to the photo shop, we see this little boy (only not so little - I'm guessing 7 or 8 years old???) screaming obscenities at his dad.  I mean it was embarrassing.  Jacob looked up at me and said, "what's wrong with that boy and why is his dad not making him behave?"  Jonathan piped up and said, "yeah, I wouldn't do that to you mommy."  I have to admit, I was grateful.  Grateful that they noticed the yucky behavior and grateful that they understand that it is a parent's job to help children understand proper behavior and respect.  And of course, I was grateful it wasn't my kids throwing a fit.  Now, mind you, I've been there.  I have walked out of Lowes before with a screaming toddler in the buggy.  I have had to discipline my kids in public.  I have to remind them to hold my hands.  I have to say no to treats and suckers and all the other shenanigans and propaganda those stores have right at the checkout lanes (pet peeve of mine by the way!)...but, thankfully, when we are in public, most of the time my children have learned there is a proper way to behave. Praise the Lord!  Times like this remind me that this parenting thing is no joke.  Now, when we are in the confines of our house, all bets are off.  :-)

As a caveat, I'm not judging this little boy or his dad.  It just made me think a little.  Nope, it made me think a lot how much I need God's guidance every single step of the way with these three (gulp!) little ones.   

Monday, July 02, 2012

pregnancy update

Well, third time around, and I'm embarassed to say that I haven't done as many pregnancy updates as I'd like.  One day, I want to look back and try to remember all the details... so here goes: 
* 26 weeks - due October 11-16 (we've heard dates all within that range)
* Favorite thing about pregnancy:  the kicks and movements - this little man is a mover and shaker.
* Second favorite thing about pregnancy: talking to the boys about their baby brother... they are already so protective!

* Least favorite thing about pregnancy - feeling huge and back pain.  Lots and lots of back pain...oh and indigestion!  Whoa...
*Weight gain - not too bad (about 12 lbs) - but I do feel large.  I really do!  I think the whole 12 lbs is in my belly!
* Cravings - nothing really, but I have eaten cheeseburgers from Dairy Queen a few times lately...  weird!  Nothing usually sounds good to eat, though someone brought in a bag of mini nestle crunch candy bars to work and I couldn't keep my hands off.  :-(
* Exercise - yep, I'm still at it.  Certainly not as fast, but I'm still running some.  Yesterday I ran 2 miles - which is about all I can do since I have to go potty all the time!  I am also still doing my boot camp class twice a week.  It makes me feel strong.  I have to modify some stuff in class - like I can't lay flat on my back and stuff like that, but I'm so glad I'm still feeling good enough to do it!  I'm hoping that this will help me in the labor and delivery process AND especially after the baby comes to get this weight off quickly. 
* Doctor's appointments - all going well.  Went today for the sugar test.  Heartbeat was 140; I'm measuring just on target.  Blood pressure great. Fortunately, I'm an easy preggers patient! My appointments are quick and easy.  THANK YOU JESUS! 
* The heat is making me swell some and I don't like it, but it's really not too bad.  I'm hopeful that 100+ temps won't last all summer! 
* We cannot decide on a name for this little guy!  We are struggling with the question - do we stick with a "J" name???  Not so sure yet...
* Nursery  - coming together.  We have worked hard to clean out all the "stuff"  - oh my.  Our spare bedroom was the place where stuff just collected.  And collected and collected.  We've thrown away a ton, have a big pile of stuff for Operation Care and taken some furniture to my parents for storage.  I have the bedding/decor down to two choices.  I can't decide.  No theme.  Just some general ideas. 

Here's my latest belly shot (actually it's about only the 3rd one I've taken all pregnancy.)  whoops!