Monday, May 31, 2010

Boys will be Boys

I'm talking the big boys... not the little boys. My hubby and his best friend Lee went on an adventure today. They went to Louisville where Demarcus Cousins was signing autographs. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Demarcus Cousins AND I'm a huge UK Wildcats fan... but seriously? Two hours of standing in a line at Saint Matthews Mall (really... standing in line is NOT what malls are for!) waiting for an autograph is not my cup of tea. And the autographs weren't even free. Ahem. The dude is getting ready to be a multi-millionaire and he charges for an autograph??? But, anyway, my guy had fun and got some much needed guy time, so I'm happy about that. Here's a couple of pics from their adventure... pics were free. Go figure! :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How is it possible?

This is the last shot of my little buddy as a one year old. How in the world is it possible that my little boy, my baby, is turning two years old tomorrow??? I mean, literally, I can remember as if it were yesterday putting Jacob to bed on May 29, 2008 thinking "wow, this is our last night as a family of three." Now, I can't even imagine life with out my little Jonathan. "Big Bad Jon" (even though I never really want him to be called Jon...) is a bright and shining light for all of us and I am so thankful for his sweet little personality. TWO YEARS OLD??? Seriously? I just can't believe it. I laid Jonathan down tonight, albeit after a lot longer special rocking/singing session... and told him "tomorrow, you'll be two." He smiled and said, "otay momma." So sweet. Tomorrow's a big day for "big bad jon." Better get some rest!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

5 years = the best of my life!!!

On Friday, Billy and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. These have truly been the best five years of my life and I have cherished every single memory with this sweet sweet man that God so lovingly chose to give me as my life partner. I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. We had counted down to the big day by reading one Psalm a day backwards from 150 to 1. We finally read chapter one at about 11 pm the night before our wedding...I remember the sleepless night before... laying in my childhood bedroom tossing and turning thinking "you really need some rest." But rest wouldn't come. It was like a five year old getting ready to go to Disney Land the next day - but even better. I had planned every detail of the day and along with my mom and every little helper she could muster in Cave City, our reception was at my parent's beautiful home. Now, I know what a sacrifice that was for my parents and how much work went into the day! THANK YOU BOTH!!!! It was perfect in every way. So many of the students from FBC were there to celebrate and they were so special to us. We were heavily involved in the student ministry and have very special bonds with many of those students today. Finally, we said "i do" with the help of our dear friend and pastor Andy (Andy-Tales) McDonald and partied a little at the reception and drove off to our happily ever after. And let me tell you - happily ever after it has been so far. Now of course, we've had our ups and downs - shared some sorrows and pain, but through it all, we have lovingly been partners and best friends. Above all else...that's the bottom line for us. Before we were parents, we were Billy and Sherri (who all our friends say we are a perfect match!!!). I really do love, honor and cherish Billy with all that I have. I consider myself blessed beyond measure that he gets to be my forever partner. He makes me a better person! I think that's what it's all about in a relationship. In memory of our special 5th anniversary, I thought I'd share 5 interesting facts about my hubby that probably not too many people know. Nothing juicy... don't worry! :-) My in-laws may read this after all. :-)
1. Billy loves songs that have state titles in them or cities. It's really strange, but I can almost bet if I hear a song on the radio that says something about Baton Rouge or Georgia or Tennessee, my man will love it and quickly want to download it on our trusty iPod.
2. If coke were beer, we'd be in trouble. Seriously - he drinks at least a 2 liter of coke EVERY SINGLE DAY. How does he stay so skinny???? Don't get that at all, but that's another post.
3. He was made to be a daddy. Seriously. He is the best dad on all the planet. He is patient and kind and loves to play with his boys. He prays for their well-being and sets a Godly example for them to follow. He brings out the best in both boys and knows just how to interact with them so that their best qualities and strengths shine.
4. He'd be the happiest man on the planet if I scratched his head or back all the time. That is definitely his favorite thing for me to do. I would hope that he feels like the happiest man on the planet anyway, regardless if I scratch his head or not. :-)
5. He was made to love me. I really believe that! He is a wonderful husband. He's the best combination of sweet, romantic, patient (Lord knows I need that!), consistent, authentic, kind, put the needs and wants of others in front of his own kind of guy. I love this man!

* when I figure out how to scan some wedding pics, I'll do that!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Being a mommy is one tough job. But oh my, I love it so. As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mommy. There was a time in my life, after a really tough relationship ended...when I was single and wondering if God would bless me with a husband and kids. I longed to be a mommy, but I just had to trust God's plan and wait. (and watch all my friends have one, two, even three kiddos.) But, in God's timing, he brought a fantastic man into my life and eventually two little sweeties I am proud to claim as my own. I was and still am a total baby magnet. If there's one in the room, I want to be near it - to touch it, smell it, hear it... I love kids. Always have and always will. Mother's Day weekend is such a great time of reflection and thanksgiving. Billy always makes me feel so special on mothers day...every day really. Here's just a few reasons that I love being a mommy right now:

1. Jacob and Jonathan are starting to have conversations - so funny. Here's an example: (Jacob) Jonathan you wanna go outside? (Jonathan) Uh Huh. (Jacob) okay go get your shoes on. (Jonathan) otay. (runs to get his shoes on... brings them to me and says "mines shoes on?") (Jonathan) to jacob... go outshide? Outshide?

2. Jacob tells me at nite nite time "mommy I love you. I am so glad to be your boy." *sigh*

3. Both boys love superheros. The wear capes and run around saying "batman or superman to the rescue."

4. Jonathan tries to get our attention by saying "i dee i dee idee" (watch me watch me watch me)

5. Nite nite time with both boys is so special. Jonathan is super snuggly and loves singing songs for a few minutes in the glider in his room. The last song we always sing is the Barney theme song. Then he feels safe enough to lay down and drift off to snoreville. and Man.can.he.snore!!!!Jacob loves to be told stories. He has a whole routine...first tell me a story about Batman meets Superman meets John Stewart. Now tell me a story about Batman and Robin. Now tell me a story about the clock. Now tell me a story about the microwave (random household object make some great stories.) Now tell me a story about Mommy and Daddy and Jacob and Jonathan.

Here's a few snapshots from our mothers day festivities. :-) Happy belated mother's day to all you awesome mommies. to those of you who long to be a mommy, keep trusting God and know that he loves you above all else!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Bad news...

So, it's taken me a few days to even figure out how to get these words in writing. I found out last Thursday that I'm losing my job as of December 31 due to budget cuts. It's so weird - surreal almost. I got a call from my boss on Thursday when I was home with my children - Jonathan had pink eye. Man, I felt like I'd been punched in the gut. AOC is cutting all Family and Juvenile Drug Courts - the programs that I supervise. Programs that work with youth and parents struggling with addiction issues. Programs that give folks skills to make better choices or their lives. PROGRAMS that work... I'm really sad by the news. I feel awful for all the sweet folks I supervise. I've got single moms, hard working dads, really sweet and awesome folks I've been privileged to supervise. I'm devastated for each of them. But here's the reality... I'm sad for me too. More sad than I ever thought I'd be. For some time, Billy and I have been praying hard about me finding something part time to allow more flexibility and for me to be home more with the boys. I just feel like this is such an opportune time for me with them. They are growing so fast and I know I'll never ever regret staying home more with them. BUT, that doesn't take away the hurt and anger I feel. I guess if I was going to leave AOC, I kind of would have liked it to be on my terms, not theirs. Selfish, I know. Probably not the most Godly attitude either. But, that's where I am. I'm feeling totally discarded and as though I'm not valued at all at work. Feeling like anything I've done there is all for not. I honestly didn't think I'd be that dispensable.... I'm praying that God would infuse me with His peace and strength and will allow me to have a little motivation to do the things I need to do in the next few months. I also pray for the perfect opportunity for me to work part time will become evidently clear. I know we'll have lots of tough decisions ahead of us. I'm grateful for my supportive husband who's let me be a grump for a few days and has held me as I cried. I'm grateful I don't have to do this alone. I'm grateful that I have a degree which gives me flexibility in the work force. Most of all, I'm grateful that God does care about the small details... my small details.