Friday, April 30, 2010

No, I wasn't on Candid Camera...

But I sure could have been. Today started out as a perfectly normal day... (aside from some CRAZINESS at work, but that's a whole other post.) Yesterday was perfectly abnormal in every way, so today, I was determined to keep the boys busy, I mean keep my sanity. We went to the park this morning with our friends Katie and Caden and the boys had a blast. Jacob even got to "water a tree." That's right folks, my son pulled his pants down and peed right on a tree in the park. That's got to be some sort of illegal activity, but oh well. The boys love going to the park! Such a great FREE activity to let them explore and play. Then, the mommies of the bunch decided that McDonalds would be a good idea and a logical end to our perfect morning at the park. So we did. Okay, so there's a really good reason why Billy and I never take our boys out to eat. Today I was reminded... again and again. As a caveat, I must say that my boys were actually very very good. So was Caden. But, let's just say we had a few mishaps. We all got settled - cheeseburger perfectly broken apart for Jonathan, chicken nuggets and plenty of barbecue sauce for Jacob (and lots and lots of bribes to even get him to eat two bites.) Then, Jonathan said "moo" (his sound for milk) and reached right for his little cup. Well, somehow, it slipped right out of his hands and milk landed everywhere... especially all over ME. I even had milk dripping from my face... literally. At the exact moment the milk spilled, Jacob announced to everyone that "I need to go pee." and he proceeded to run into the mens room, which of course no mother would dare allow their little 3 year old to go into some gross stinky mens room where he could not be supervised. So I got to the door and told him he'd have to go to the ladies room with me. Once inside (oh - Bless Katie's heart - she's now cleaning up the milk that MY child spilled and keep in mind that I still have milk dripping off my face.), Jacob smashed his finger in the door and started wailing. He finally settled down and then did his business and out we go to enjoy our food. Well, Jonathan had decided that HE wanted to eat chicken nuggets while Jacob was in the bathroom, which of course did not make his big bro happy. From that point on, Jacob refused to eat them. Jonathan had a little package of barbecue sauce and dumped it out saying "all gone." EXCEPT is was not all gone. In fact, it was now ALL OVER MY FACE and my shirt and my pants and the booth. Katie and I were about to die laughing at this point. Sweet little Caden seemed totally unfazed - he kept right on eating. I was just starting to pick up everything to leave when Jonathan picked up his milk again and shook it saying "all gone." Before I could even move, there was more freaking milk dripping from my face. I mean seriously - what was the deal???? With that, we packed it up and called it a day. A fun time was had by all. Did really love the mommy time with Katie though! And I managed not to scream in public. Pretty impressive, huh???

Friday, April 23, 2010

mommy tips

Great post from our cousin in West Virginia - thought I'd share the wealth... climb on over to to get some great ideas! I wish I'd known about the bib washing thing. That darn velcro reaked havoc on some of my boys little sweaters.

Thought I'd add a few of my own mommy tips. What about you? Share your best secret tips for making mommyhood less stressful.

1. Always have the diaper bag stocked with snacks that are easily packages and not messy like granola bars, nutri grain bars, little crackers, baggies of animal crackers or cheerios if they are little ( ALWAYS pack 2 of everything if you have multiple critters - the whole sharing thing is nice in theory, but when you are driving down the road its hard to enforce.)

2. Put puzzles in big gallon size baggies. Especially the ones that come in paper boxes that always get ripped. Save the picture on the front of the box though.

3. Oxy-clean laundry stain remover. Enough said on that one... Buy it now! Heck, buy two or three to have in stock.

4. Invest in some large plastic containers to store clothes in once your kids are "past that stage." Then label the containers with sharpies for easy reference for number 2 or 3 or 4. Or to share with your friends so you can enjoy seeing your sweet little clothes recycled.

5. If your kiddo likes pacis, give him/her 4-5 each night. That saves you a few trips in the room if the pacis find their way out of the crib and into the floor. :-)

6. Hooded towels - don't get rid of them just because your kiddos are too big. They double for some GREAT super hero capes!!!!!

Your turn.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pre-arranged marriages aren't so bad, are they?

So, my Jacob is smitten with a sweet little girl named Tate. Now, relationships with little girls aren't totally new to Jacob. He adores Ashley, his babysitter's little girl. She is definitely his best little friend other than his little brother. But yesterday, he got to play with another little girl and he has so sweetly talked about her all day today. We went to a Sunday School party yesterday afternoon and we all had a blast! Jonathan loved playing basketball with the "big boys" and Jacob was introduced to a new toy - guns. Nerf guns. He loved it! All boy... that's all I can say! Near the end of the party though, guns were down and Jacob found him a new little friend, Tate. They were inseparable for the last hour we were there. Following each other, talking to each other. Really cute. One of there conversations was sweet little Tate reassuring Jacob that there was no monsters in the "secret" hideout. We got a few pics... little bro was right in the mix. He was totally digging little Tate too. So today, Jacob wanted to call her. He was obsessed with it actually. So, after work, we called her. Here's the conversation as we heard it:

"I'm eating Cocoa Puffs."

"We got a swingset witha little trampoline on it. You wanna come jump on our little trampoline with us?"

"It's still in the box. My daddy's got to put it up." After the call, Jacob said,"she wants to come over. Isnt' that cool?"


Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Friday, Great Sunday!

What a glorious weekend! Easter weekend is filled with amazing memories every year. Easter may be my most favorite holiday - right behind Christmas. Yes, I love the eggs, the egg hunts, dying eggs, eating candy, trips to see family, the Easter Bunny (whoops, we never made it to the mall this year...sorry boys!), nice weather, tall grass to hide the eggs, wondering what the Easter Bunny might bring... It never gets old. None of those awesome fun activities compares to the real reason I love Easter. We celebrate the Risen King. Hallelujah - He's alive. We can celebrate that fact every day, but Easter is the anniversary of His resurrection. That's why I love Easter!

Good Friday also has special significance for us. Of course, it's the day we remember the sacrifice of our King and remember his agony on the cross. But, it's also the "anniversary" of the first date for me and my sweet hubby. Yep, that's right - our first date was truly a BLIND one... Billy and I met through mutual friends and after some email correspondence, we decided to meet at the Southeast Christian Good Friday service. As a tradition, we always try to go. Every year, it makes me so grateful for all the positive changes in my life since I met Billy. He is truly a blessing and I am so blessed to be walking through life with him. It's a very special service for lots of reasons! This year, Billy and I were literally some of the last to leave. The worship was amazing. Simply amazing! I tell you what, friends. Being a mommy changes everything about life. During the service, I was brought to tears numerous times thinking of the significance of the day and wondering why in the world God chose to save someone as undeserving as me. And then it hit me... We have an enormous job as parents. We have to teach our boys the truths of this life and of the Word. I had an overwhelming feeling to pray for my boys... that they (on their own... because they want to, not because their mom and and dad want them to...) would come to love the Lord with all their hearts, mind, soul and strength and would always understand the deep meaning behind Good Friday.