Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good intentions, but a total disaster...

Well, we've been enjoying a "break" from teaching Sunday School at church since our beloved seniors moved up to the college class for the summer.  So, we went back to our "old" class - which really isn't the same, but good, none the less!  In that class, they are studying a book called "Family Worship."  It's been really great and convicting.  We decided to formalize family worship in our house... now keep in mind that almost every night, we read a Bible story, pray and sing a couple of songs.  But sometimes it's rushed, sometimes we skip one or all parts of it...BUT, we really are making a concerted effort now.  And thank you to my sweet husband for taking the lead!  So, we started it on Sunday night.  We decided to try to get jammies on and brush teeth, etc at about 7:30 so we could do family worship at about 7:45.  We started with scripture memorization (the first part of John 3:16) and let the boys make up hand motions.  We read a story and then prayed.  The boys got to choose who to pray for... that was precious.  Night one - total success.  Night two - pretty darn good too.  The boys are really enjoying this!... Fast forward to night three.  Holy moly, you'd have thought the world was ending.  I was tired.  They were tired.  Billy was tired... bad combo, I realize.  So we started.  Jonathan refused to do the verse, turning his back.  I was fine with that... then he started playing with toys, which I had to redirect him.  He didn't listen.  Then we insisted that he turn around and sit "Criss/cross"  - that he didn't have to participate, but he at least had to listen.  Then the screaming meemy of all tantrums started and he went to time out.  When he came back, he wanted to sit by his brother, who sweetly said, "I don't want to sit by you whiny baby."  (only you and I both know it wasn't sweetly said!).  Which started more screaming and resulted in time outs for both boys.  By that point, I, in all my wisdom, started shouting "just go to bed... now you guys are ruining family worship!" Billy was upset with me, I was upset with him, both boys were upset with each of us and each other, we were upset with the whole deal... So..... we ended family worship and finally everyone got relatively calmed down and Billy just said a prayer of forgiveness for all of us.  Gee whiz... how did something so great so go bad?  I was terribly upset over this whole thing and being 6 months preggo certainly doesn't help matters, so what did I do?  I went downstairs and pouted like a baby.  And cried and cried and cried.  And cleaned the kitchen.  That seemed to help, until the contractions started.  Then I started to panick.....  Then, finally.... I prayed.  I cried out to God and he reminded me that Satan will try to attack us when we least expect it.  Y'all - our little home was under spiritual warfare that night.  There's no doubt about it.  And.I.Don't.Like.It. Not one little bit!!!!! 
We recovered.  I apologized to the kids and to Billy.  He apologized to the kids and to me. All is well!  I'm so thankful that God's mercies are new every morning.  Now, I have to admit, last night when it was time for family worship, I was a little gun shy, but we did it and it went fine.  Thank you Jesus! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

just some stuff...

just some stuff I never want to forget... I'm sure that one day, I'll think of these days as the best of our lives... because every day, I smile or laugh at least 25 times.

I love the ages of 4 and 5.  Funny personalities.  Sweet little hearts.  Greasy little finger prints.  Tight hugs and kisses. 

Here's just a few random things that won't make much sense to anyone else, but to me, are the most precious moments of my life (and keep me sane when they are fighting and acting a fool). 

* Jonathan got this Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday and he takes it everywhere.  When we get in the van or car, he makes sure Buzz is buckled in a seatbelt.  I smile every time I turn around to back out of the driveway and see Buzz buckled up in the very back seat.  :-)

* Taking turns saves my life.  yes, indeed.  We take turns doing everything.  Including praying before meals.  And brushing teeth.  And being in charge of the remote control at rest time. 

* Jonathan thinks he's the Road Runner and says "beep beep" and takes off running really fast. 

* Jonathan has started saying "oh my goodness gracious" and it is so funny. 

* Jacob is all about his "big kindergarten workbook."  He LOVES it and needs virtually no help.  He does it so fast.  So proud! 

* When they do fight, sometimes, I have to turn my head not to show them that I'm laughing when they say, "you are a meanie mister head" or "you mean baby misses."  SO FUNNY! 

* They are both slightly obsessed with underwear.  They giggle like school girls when they see each others or their daddy's or mommy's. 

*They are in to "surprising" me by being all grown up and getting themselves dressed.  Even if they do look like raggamuffins some times.

* For some reason they both like to have a different spoon for every single thing they eat at meal time.  Sometimes, I feel like we go through 10 spoons a meal.!

So, I'm a little late, but Happy Father's Day!

Yep, you guessed it, I'm a little late to the party... I've got several posts in my drafts that I need to upload pics haven't been uploading as fast as I would like, so I just get frustrated and hit save.  Anywhoo....

In honor of father's day, the week before, I did a little interview with my kiddos about their daddy.  They took turns answering the questions.  Precious...Here's the unedited version.  Underlined are their answers. 

"all about my daddy... by Jacob and Jonathan" (ages 5 1/2 and 4)

My Daddy's name is Billy (jacob)
My dad is 36 years old (right mommy?) (jonathan)
His hair is black and his eyes are brown.
My dad's favorite food is potatoes.
My dad likes to wear clothes - like pants and shirts and ties to work sometimes.
My dad's job is he works in Louisville.
He loves to eat cereal.
He is smart because he knows to be nice to people after they talk to him.
My dad works hard at work doing his job.
Daddy always tells me not to be mean back to someone if they are mean to me.
I'm happy when daddy is here! (Jonathan screamed that one...)
I love my daddy because he loves me. (jacob)
I love my daddy because he loves mommy and baby brother. jonathan

So sweet.  Yep, their daddy is awfully great.  I'm so glad God chose Billy to be daddy to Jacob and Jonathan and baby 3 (we really must name this poor babe!).  A shout out to my great dad and father-in-law too.  What awesome men my boys get to watch and learn from.  BLESSED beyond measure!

Monday, June 18, 2012

white shirt tradition

We started a cool little tradition when Jacob turned 1.  Each year on or around the boys' birthdays, we put them in one of Billy's white dress shirts and snap a few photos.  In theory, (or at least in my mind) these are going into an adorable scrapbook entitled "watch me grow."  Well, just a confession... the only ones that have actually made the scrapbook are the ones from 2007 - yep, that's when Jacob was one.  BUT, we have continued to take the pictures and one day, I WILL get the scrapbook done.  (I think I can, I think I can...)

Here's a few shots from Jonathan's 4 year -old "white shirt photo shoot."

Monday, June 04, 2012

Ahhhh... the beach. Probably my favorite place on the planet.! Last week we very quickly decided to take a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. We were planning to go later in the summer, but Billy's co-supervisor will be on maternity leave all summer and he can't get off then... So, it was either now, or September. let me tell you that this momma doesn't want to go anywhere when I'm 8+ months preggo. Much less put on a fat suit. I mean bathing suit. So, now it was. We had the best time! Truly magical memories were made. We soaked in some sunshine and lots and lots of laughs, smiles and fun memories. Not to mention ice cream. There's something about getting ice cream on vacation that totally beats any ice cream you can buy and keep in your freezer. :-) This trip's also special since it's the last before our little family of four transforms to the party of five in October.

**this post has been in my drafts for over a week.  I have tried several times to download pics, but it wouldn't work... and these two pictures took 20 minutes.  uggh...much to update in the next couple of weeks!