Saturday, February 17, 2007

Silly Bit!

Bitty is acting silly! His new friend, Sloane took this one. Sloane was Jacob's babysitter - he just loved playing with her.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Bit. He was all smiles most of the day. He had his four month appointment early that morning - he had to get 4 shots. He was so brave!!! Jacob is definitely the love of our lives!

Poor little bit!

Poor little Jacob - this is the first time he became sick. On February 8th, he woke up feeling yucky, bless his heart. He was all stuffy and his eyes were watering. Mommy was sick the week before - I felt awful, because I made him sick. He's a trooper though! He felt all better in about 3 days.

High Chair time!

Little Bit loves to sit in his high chair and watch every move we make. He's smiling and laughing - probably because Mommy and Daddy are SO picky!

Sleeping Bit...

Here's Little Jacob taking a sweet little nap - in mommy's lap. It looks like he's praying!