Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Random Rundown

Whew - it's been a crazy busy summer.  Can't believe it's already halfway over.  We have been so busy living life and having fun, that I haven't had time to document on the ole bloggy. 

We've been doing a lot of this...  and guess who loves it?  Joshua is a little fish.  He loves it!
We also spent some time at the good old Shelby County fair.  The boys have so much fun.  And guess who that pretty princess is - yep, our niece won Miss Shelby County Teen.  So proud of her!

We've also been busy playing the new Wii U - Jonathan's birthday present.  They LOVE it.  Mommy, not so much, but the rest of the crew could play it all day long (if we let them, which we don't!)

Mommy and Daddy snuck away for a little date night to see one of his co-workers get married.  The Kiddos got to hang out with Grammy and Pa.  I tell you what, there's something magical about grandparents.  There is nothing.  I mean nothing that the boys can ask them that they won't do.  :-)

AND.... drum roll, please.... MOMMY got to party like a middle school kid!  I went to see New Kids on the Block with some girlfriends from church.  We had a blast.  Let me tell ya, those guys are still fun to watch.  We were joking about how old we were and how old the New Kids are... doesn't matter.  I'm still a super fan!