Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jacob conquers the water!

Jacob went swimming! He absolutely loved the water. He went on Memorial Day weekend to Aunt Susan's and Uncle Bryan's house and the next day at Aunt Amy and Uncle Jerry's. He just loved it. He stayed in until his little feet were all soft.

Little Bit has TWO teeth

The Easter bunny brought Jacob a couple of presents - two little teeth. This picture was taken at his babysitter's - Ms. Mary. Ms. Mary and her whole family (Mike, Alison, Luke, Angela, Shari Ann, Benjamin, Jessica, Adam, Judson and Joel) just love Jacob. And the feeling is mutual. the Wisely family is truly a blessing to us. Jacob just gets som much love and attention there.

HAPPY bit!

Look at him - he's so big! Jacob is already a Cubs fan, just like his daddy. We're constantly amazed at how much he changes and grows each day. We just love his chunky little cheeks - he's just storing up some extra food in there. :-)

If you're happy and you know it...

Jacob is such a happy and good-natured little guy. He smiles a lot and thinks his mommy is super silly. He's got the most beautiful eyes.

Big Boy Food!

Little bit started eating "big boy food" on his sixth month birthday - we started with rice cereal. He loved it - in fact, whatever we put in front of him, he tries to eat. His first experience with REAL food was on April 21 - he had green beans. Let's hope he's never as picky as his crazy mommy and daddy!