Tuesday, July 26, 2011

just couldn't resist

So, this probably tells you a little bit about my sense of humor - this was randomly found in my kitchen floor, and I tell you what, I couldn't stop laughing. The boys asked why and I just said, oh, mommy's just being silly... With boys, we have enough poop, toot and stinky jokes, laughs and giggles. I thought it best not to encourage the craziness. Ahem. :-). I didn't really want them to know I was cracking up at the thought of Barney pooping on my perfectly mopped kitchen floor. Oh in case you can't tell, that's a grape behind Barney's bootie. Hee hee.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Season little Dodgers!

Today was the last game of Jacob's T-ball season. It was supposed to be last night, but the park rescheduled for today due to the heat. Not sure it helped much, because it felt like it was 117 degrees on that T-ball field. But, it was much fun! Jacob has really enjoyed this t-ball thing and I am glad. But not nearly as glad as his daddy - I think being a daddy to little boys who like sports make his heart smile really big.

One of the highlights for the boys is visiting the concession stand for a popsicle - oh boy, I wish we'd never introdued them to that idea this season! Here's Mamaw taking Jacob over to get his spiderman (very messy I might add) popsicle. Little kiddos sure know the right words to get grandparents to do exactly what they want. Sneaky little critters. :-)

Today, little bro got in on the action and it was precious! He asked daddy if he could bat and daddy took him over to ask the coach. She said yes! It was so so so cute.

His smile as he touched home plate was precious.

And Jacob was the beaming proud big bro! Such fun blessings.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Must haves - when you have boys

I have a running list of "goodies" that I have really liked as a mommy of two boys. Here's a few. Leave a comment and add your "must haves" - those things/activities that have made being a mommy to little ones easier.

1. Random Halloween Costumes - oh.my.word. My boys have gotten some SERIOUS mileage out of the various Halloween costumes we've had over the past few years. We still make the 18 month old Pooh costume work when needed. :-) So much fun. Here's a few recent picks of the shenanigans.

2. Can I just say two of everything? Really, it just makes life easier to purchase doubles of stuff - same strollers for Disney World. Same sunglasses. Same sippy cups. Same swim trunks. Same plates and cups. You get the pattern. It also helps feed my need to have them in matching clothes. I know I won't be able to get away with that forever, but until then... match on I say! (see - matching strollers, shirts, sunglasses???) :-)

3. DVD players for the car. Can I get an AMEN on that one? I feel bad for my parents for having to put up with my sister and I all the way to the beach every year.

4. Toy Story miniature figurines - oh man, we've gotten some mileage out of those little things. They are Jonathan's most favorite toys.

5. Crayons. Lots of them (but of course two of every color!) My boys love to color and that's an activity I always pull out when we need some chill time - read, when they are fighting with each other and can't seem to pull it together. wintertime, summertime, anytime, coloring is a hit in my book! Sometimes we even do it right before our night time routine commences.

6. Puzzles. We love love love puzzles in our house. Both boys are very good at them and again, puzzles are a great chill time activity. But, I always take the puzzles out of the original box and keep them in big ziploc baggies. Less space and those boxes get demolished so easy.

what about you guys? What are your go-tos... your must haves?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to the love of my life (a few days late!) My hubby celebrated birthday number 3-6 on Friday. He is amazing and touches the lives of everyone he meets. In his honor, here's the top ten things I love and admire about my very best friend.
1. He is so very patient and kind. Really - deep down in his innermost being, he is a kind person.
2. He is a wonderful daddy. He takes special time with each of our boys. He worries about them staying safe. He loves to play with them and take them places. He is definitely a REALLY involved daddy.
3. He always makes sure the day to day basic stuff is taken care of... in almost 7 years, I haven't worried one time about our doors being locked at night or the trash taken out. He just does those things. And gets gas in whatever car I'm going to be driving most of the time for me.
4. He takes care of our finances, but includes me as much as I want to be. He balances our checkbook every month and keeps records in order like they are supposed to be. (oddly though, it's my thing to get our tax information ready for filing each spring - weird. we just make a good team!)
5. He always makes sure our bills are paid on time.
6. He works hard at his job - puts his all into it when he's there. He is very good at his job! Judges across the state LOVE him. But I love that when he's home, he's completely home. He leaves work at work and is completely available to me and the boys!
7. He indulges me by watching chic flicks and watching me scrapbook and occasionally plays cards with me.
8. He is oh so helpful in the house. He does the dishes, sweeps the floor and keeps things straight. He hates clutter and I hate dirt, so again, we make a great team.
9. I love that we enjoy the same things in our spare time. We love the same TV shoes (Big Brother, LOST, American Idol). He even secretly likes to watch the Bachelor/ette with me. :-) We genuinely enjoy our time together and it seems so easy and content.
10. He is a leader. Not an "in your face look at me" kind of way, but he is a gentle and quiet leader. He leads our family toward a loving relationship with Jesus and he prayerfully makes decisions for our family. I know I can trust his decisions. I know he has our family's best interest at heart with all decisions he makes.
Happy Birthday Babe! I sure do love you!!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

D-I-S-N-E-Y W-O-R-L-D!!!!

Definitely the most fun trip I’ve ever taken.

In the words of Jacob “it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my long long life.”

Special time to celebrate my parent’s 40th anniversary

Not a moment of “down time.” We were on the go from 7 am to 10 or 11 pm every day

Everywhere we walked, we were on the look-out for character sightings – the boys’ most favorite thing!

Yellow shoes – oh yes. Mickey Mouse was a hot commodity and we DID get to see him a few times. He wasn’t out and about in the park like some of the other characters, but we did get a couple of great looks and one great picture of him at Animal Kingdom

Wishes can come true! That’s the motto of the park, and I believe it’s true. Disney World does make wishes come true. Every time you turn around, there’s something fascinating to see or do. WOW.

On their best behavior – Jacob and Jonathan were awesome all week – despite being hot, tired and hungry a lot of the week. They were even troopers about taking pictures.

Really special memories were made. We took 450+ pictures (how in the world will I be able to pick to scrapbook?) It was wonderful.


Definitely want to go back. Can’t really afford it in the near future, but no doubt, we’ll be going back at some point. Preferably when both boys are over 44” tall – since several of the rides had height requirements and Jonathan wasn’t quite tall enough.