Sunday, June 19, 2011

Memories of my dad!

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite memories of my dad. He and my hubby are the two greatest men on earth. These two men are shining lights and I’m so grateful for them!
• My daddy and I used to go on frequent dates when I was growing up. He always drove me to Bowling Green for my gymnastics classes and oboe lessons. We always ate out on those nights – just the two of us. Fun times. I especially remember getting a flat tire on the way to gymnastics one night. I wasn’t scared one bit…. Because I was with my daddy!
• When I was in marching band, we had a group of dads called “podium packing papas.” My dad was the leader of this Motley Crew and NEVER EVER missed one of my competitions. And, when I was field commander my senior year, he made sure HE was the one that properly secured the podium for me. He would even climb up and jump on it to make sure it wouldn’t fall down.
• Maybe too much information, but he often had to go buy “the stuff” we girls needed – now that’s a dedicated daddy! He also bought his fair share of panty hose. God love his heart!
• He once drove like a speed demon to Bardstown to rescue me when my car broke down on the way back from Transy. Seriously –he made a normally 1 ½ hour drive in about 50 minutes.
• He didn’t always “love” vacation time, but when we finally got to our destination, he was super fun. He made jokes at restaurants, drove with the windows down and music loud (to embarrass Carol and I, no doubt) and loved to go on early morning walks on the beach. He also loved to play cards on the balcony – I am a total sucker for any kind of games, so you know I loved this!
• His love language is definitely acts of service. He is amazing! When I was in college, he’d always buy me multiple of my favorite snacks and drinks. He never wanted me to have to go out to the grocery by myself. He’s still like this today – when he comes to our house, he often makes several trips to Walmart or Kroger just because “I noticed you were almost out of ____.” He also has mowed our grass and weed eated on numerous occasions – especially when Billy’s out of town.

And now, I get the pleasure of seeing this amazing dad be an even more amazing Pa to my kiddos. He pours his heart and soul into those boys like you wouldn’t believe. If they want it, they get it. He teases them, they tease him back. He sleeps on the floor right beside Jonathan when the boys go to Cave City – just so he’s not scared. He shows them the ropes – like how to spit outside and how to wear work boots with pride and how to drive a tractor and how real men take their shirts off outside. He even teaches them the value of working hard by getting their help with the garden or cooking or whatever activity he’s doing outside.

Simply put, he’s the best! I love you daddy!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I learned this week - rope and alligator style

So, my cousin in WVA has been doing this "what I learned this week" post on her blog ( for a while and I'm trying to learn how to link to it. When I figure it out, hopefully, ya'll can share all the cool stuff you are learning too!

So, here goes... what I learned this week. Drumroll please:
1. Potty Training is a process. We are almost there, but sometimes it can be so frustrating. Jonathan's routine of holding his stinky until night time is getting really old. But, he does in fact stinky in the potty almost every single night. And I'm proud! It just seems to delay our nighttime routine by 15 minutes. (seriously - just like a man, right??)

2. When he calls me in the bathroom every night, I have learned to expect the unexpected. Tonight, he said, "mommy, come look. I made a rope and an alligator." Oh and let me tell you, he was right. Gross, I know!

3. I bought hopefully my last pack of diapers ever today. He still wears a diaper at night. I almost got pull ups, but they are so much more expensive. Since he's not wearing diapers at all during the day, I think diapers at night okay. Your thoughts?

4. The Target brand diapers are cheaper even after really good coupons for the name brand.

5. Target brand diapers actually work better for us than Huggies. I still like Pampers best though.

6. A slightly strong-willed little man + holding pee pee throughout the day = a rough night. Jonathan cried and cried during the night last night. We finally figured out he was holding his pee pee in. And we made him go (after lots of tears) at (Gulp) 3 am. Geesh.

There you have it... that's what I'm learning this week. What about ya'll?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Goooo Dodgers!

Tonight may have marked the start of a long love affair with the ball park. Jacob had his very first Tee Ball game and ohmyworditwassocute!!!

We had a whole entourage with us - complete with a very special fan with a "little bro" t-shirt for Jonathan with Jacob's number on it.

It was so fun to watch my little man in action. He was so attentive and always asked his coach what to do. He hit the ball really well, too.

Fielding - another story. He (along with all his teammates) ran after the ball and kind of jumped/fell on top of the ball.

The funniest part - Jacob's team was fielding and a little dude from the other team who had just batted was on first base, ran after the ball and caught it - from his own team mate. So very funny. I foresee many more nights at he ball park. I think I see lots of dusty shoes, dirty clothes, dirty faces and sweaty boys in my future. And I can't wait! What fun.

Thanks to all our family and friends who came to the park to cheer on the Dodgers and especially number 5!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jonathan's big birthday bash - part two

Jonathan has so many people that love and cherish him. His birthday celebration was evidence of that! I was so busy, I didn't get a pic of everyone who came to celebrate, but here's a few!

Mamaw and Papaw

Jonathan and my Aunt Lindy

Grammy and Pa

The Wisleys - such a special family to us. They were the first babysitters for the boys. Even though they haven't watched the boys in several years, there's a very special bond. Seriously, we only see them 3-4 times a year, but each time we do, our boys are SO excited!

Some of our awesome family! (Aunt Kelly and Uncle Shawn in the back too!)

Aunt Carol and Uncle Chris - they got Jonathan's biggest cheese of the day! :)