Monday, May 05, 2014

18 months??? (well...actually almost 19 since I'm late!)

18 months already?  Totally hard to believe!  And of course I'm running late - Jashua's actually almost 19 months old... but I'm finally getting this post out of drafts and trying to add pictures. 

Here's 18 fun facts about my baby boy...
1.  You love to be outside.  Seriously, before you even get a sip of milk in the morning, you grab your shoes and go to the door and say, "outside?" - or something two-syllables that I know means outside. 

2.  You recently got your second haircut - it makes you look so old, but boy did you need it!  I was having to resort to hats when you were going out in public.  :-)

3.  You love to look at pictures and consistently point out daddy, mommy, and pa and you smile so big when you see Jacob and Jonathan!
4.  You understand most of what we are saying - if we give you simple commands, you totally follow them.  (sit on your bottom, go give this to Jacob/Jonathan, can you find me a diaper?, give me a high five...)  It's so cute! 
5.  You have a strange affinity for brooms, mops, rakes, shovels and the plunger.  Oh the plunger... G-ROSS!  We finally had to hide it on a top shelf in the garage.  It was starting to look and feel like Sanford and Son with that darn plunger always laying around - usually in the front yard where you leave it. 


6.  You love the little toy mower - just like your brothers did - and you "use" it when daddy mows.  I know you're the third little sweetie to do this, but I just melt when I see you do this.  It reminds me of how lucky you are to have such a great role model in your daddy!

7.  You tend to make everything into a phone... any random object goes straight to your ear and you say, "Lo" and then you babble a bit and then say "Bye Bye."  I promise I'm not on the phone all the time.  Not sure where the obsession is coming from. 
8.  You are now 100% bottle free.  I even threw away our bottle scrubber away today.  Sniff. You did great with the transition!  I miss the snuggle time though! (Though today when I babysat your sweet baby cousin, you did NOT like it when I was giving her bottle to her.)  :-)
9.  We have a new night time routine - you get "nite nite milk" in a sippy and I sit you in your big ole rocking chair by your self while I sit on the ottoman and read a Bible story and say prayers with you.  I miss the rocking and snuggling that accompanied your bottle, but I do like our new normal too!
10.  AND picture frames.  Ummm, please stop that, okay? 
11.  When you give kisses it's full on wide open mouth action.  :-)
12.  You love our little neighbor, Jessica and grab onto her every time we see her.  We are trying to teach you to give high fives rather that grabbing her clothes - it's really cute.  You're not doing it in an aggressive way, but that's totally the way it comes across. 
13.  You weighed 25 lb 4 ounces and are 33.5 " long.  50th percentile.  :-) 
14.  You love bubbles.  Oh the shear joy they bring to you! 
15.  You are really a momma's boy, but oh man, when the garage door opens and daddy is home, you take off running so fast.  It's so sweet! 
16.  You love love love going to Ms. Erin's and only slightly harass her kitty and dog.  Good thing they are gentle souls.  You say, "bye" and don't even bat an eye when we drop you off!
17.  You are super attached to your pacis and green blankie. 
18.  You continue to be a fantastic sleeper and an overall, very easy (but ON THE MOVE) little dude.  You are amazing and we love you so very very much.