Monday, September 21, 2009

Quote of the Day

Tonight after dinner, Jacob got into a little trouble for pushing his brother down. When put into Time-Out, Jacob said, "I'm too busy for time-out." Mommy and Daddy could hardly keep in the laughs when Jacob said this. You never know what that guy is going to say :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

what every girl needs...

(picture has nothing to do with post, but it sure is cute!!! Love these boys!!!)

This weekend, I've had the opportunity for a little girl time and it has been oh so fun! I wasn't gone the whole weekend or anything like that, but I did get some precious moments with some of my favorite people on the planet. Friday afternoon, Rachie and Walkee came for a visit. We had a great time catching up and watching our boys play. Ya'll should have seen it - the three boys were flat out busting a move to some "wiggles" on CD. Hilarious. Sweet. And I got some video for bribery that might need to rear its ugly head when they're teenagers. :-) Then, Saturday morning, I got to hang out with one of my oldest and dearest friends, good to have friends who even though you're not together often, when you are, it's just like you're never apart! Jamie's cooking me a niece or nephew and I can't wait to meet them!!! Then, Saturday afternoon during the big UK/UL football game, (C-A-T-S!!!!) Rachie and Walkee came back over - my boys were napping, so we really got to chat and I got some extra sweet snuggles from Walkee!!! What a blessing. To top it off, today, we had a baby shower for another sweet friend of mine, Tiffany, mom-to-be of Tucker...a.k.a. Jacob and Jonathan's bud! Enjoyed all the fellowship and the car ride (though it wasn't long enough) with Katie - and I got a sneak peak at her new house - LOVE IT!!!!!

So, the weekend's got me thinking about what a girl needs - here's my conclusions:

* every girl needs friends who can come over and REALLY overlook the mess in your house - even when their son eats crumbs off your floor :-) You know you're soul sisters when...
* every girl needs time at Panera and the mall with a good friend

* every girl needs someone to confide in

* every girl (at least every momma) needs other mommas to share (confess) the mishaps of mommyhood and be reassured that you didn't really scar your kid for life when you___ fill in the blank there. You name it, I've done it...

* every girl needs to be able to go shopping for baby gifts every once and a while

* every girl needs (DRUMROLL PLEASE) a wonderful husband who didn't even blink an eye when he found out I had plans a couple of times this weekend and took on the superdad role, which is no stretch for him.. Hon, I love you so much and am honored to be your wife!

What about ya'll - any other thoughts on what a girl needs???

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what now??

Today was a strange, tough day for us...this morning when I dropped off the boys at the sitter's, she told me that she and her husband had been praying for a while and have decided to stop doing child care...I was totally shocked and taken aback and of course, being the emotional lady that I am, I cried. And I felt like crying most of the day and I did shed some tears numerous times throughout the day. Ms. Mary and the whole Wisley family have been just that to us - family. No other way to describe it. The boys love love love it over there and we have just felt like they are so safe and happy there. Ms. Mary was sad and said she had so many mixed emotions - their family has a lot going on, a new grandbaby on the way who will live in Florida, family all over the place... So I'm trying to be a big girl and understand, but selfishly, I just don't like it one bit!!!! I don't want to go through the trauma of finding new childcare. I don't want my boys to have another transition. I don't want them to miss their friends... But, I know that God is good and will honor this if we honor Him. In the grand scheme of things we have so much to be grateful for!!!
Once again, God reminded me how blessed I am to be married to Billy - he was an amazing man of God today and a total pillar of strength for miss emotional me. I love that man and I love that he is the eternal optimist. Thanks, honey!!!!
To top it off, almost 50 people at our agency got laid off today. Thankfully, Billy and I still have our jobs. We do have so much for which to be grateful!!

Just praying that God would prepare our hearts and boys for change and that the perfect opportunity for child care would find us...our boys mean the world to us and we want the best option for child care when we have to work!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Jacob,

Dear Sweet Sweet Jacob,

My big big boy... I love you so much! I can't believe you're almost three. Time is absolutely flying. I just ordered your 3rd birthday party invites - unbelievable. Being your mommy is so much fun. You are very creative and very very sweet! You are very smart! I know I say that a lot, but it's really true. Everyone says "I can't believe he's still 2 - he speaks so clearly and knows all his ___ " (colors, numbers, letters, animals...). You are learning so many new things all the time! I love watching your little brain work! You've also been working on memorizing some Bible Verses and you love to repeat after me. The cutest thing you say is the way you say Philippians - when you say it, it sounds like "flimikias." You have started to do the funniest thing - you follow your brother around and do everything he does -literally. Every sound, every step, every single thing he does. And he loves it!!!! He loves the attention you give him. You are best friends and that makes your daddy and mommy so proud! You continue to be a very very painfully picky eater (I doesn't fall far from the tree) - but sometimes you just skip dinner all together - you say "I don't want nuffin for eat. I fine" hmmmm...any advise here young man??? I suppose you'll eat when you're hungry. You are really into books right now and are even starting to recognize a few words! You could literally sit with us and read 100 books at a time. You "read" Brown Bear Brown Bear" all the time and it is priceless!!! You have a new renewed interest in Mickey Mouse - something you share with your brother. So cute!!!!

You are also quite the little helper these days - you love helping mommy do special tasks - like cooking, dusting, helping with the laundry... just a great helper. I love that!
Jacob, I'm very very proud of your behavior lately. You have been working so hard to be respectful and to follow the rules. You are still working on saying "please and thank you" but you really do a great job! You are a good listener and mommy and daddy really thank you for that. You're being a great example to your little brother.

I feel so happy and blessed to be your mommy. You are so funny right now and really bring joy to my life. I love talking to you on the phone when I'm not here and I love talking to you at nite nite time. We're gearing up for potty training and would appreciate your full cooperation (hey a little begging never hurts, huh???).

Love you forever!!!! Mommy

Dear Jonathan,

Dear Sweet Jonathan - you continue to be the joy of my life. You are growing too fast though!!!! It seems like the 'baby' stage is long gone. You are a full fledged toddler - I suppose you really have been a toddler for a while, but hey, I'm in denial. You are a very curious young man. Here's a few facts I've learned about you lately:

*you are a bottomless pit...I'm so proud of the way you eat!!! Keep it up, buddy! You out eat the rest of the family by a mile. Your favorite food right now is grapes - sometimes you stuff so many in your mouth that you look like a chipmunk.

*you LOVE Mickey Mouse - you flap your arms and turn around in circles when he's coming on TV. Nothing makes you smile more than Mickey these days!

* You are the apple of your brother's eye - he adores you and follows you around all the time! It's really sweet and I can tell you love his attention

* you are starting to enjoy books and being read to - you grab a book and come plop down right in my lap

* you are getting four teeth right now and I don't think you like it very much - good news is I can see all of them now, so hopefully your discomfort will end soon!

* taking you out to eat is oh not so fun for mommy and daddy - you are a little wiggle worm and have some utter dislike for highchairs. :-) (unless it's a LOUD place like Gatti Land - you can eat the house down on the salad bar!!!)

* you are a very big helper!!! You always are the first to help put your toys away and love racing mommy to put all the books away. Thanks for that!

* you are deciding to wait a while before you start to words from you yet, but I have a feeling when you do find your voice, it'll be non stop for you!

I love you so much Jonathan - you are a very sweet boy and we are so proud of you. You are the best little sleeper and eater. You are so fun right now! I pray that you keep your spunky personality and that you will learn to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.