Monday, February 02, 2015

Super Bowl/Super Lesson

Well, I'm not exactly a football fan, that much is obvious.  Much to my hubby's dismay, I do not like it at all.  Not even a little bit.  BUT, I do try to watch it with him some and I can crack a smile if the Packers win and I try to at least know who is on his fantasy football team each year.  Well, sort of.  I have no clue this year other than his QB.  My hubs is the ultimate sports fan.  Thankful we have boys - maybe they can share in his delight.  :-) 

I get that the Super bowl is a big deal.  I get that everyone watches it.  I get it.  I do.  But really, all that hype and all the money on the adds?  Bluck.  But, for the past several years, our church has hosted a Super bowl party for our church family and it's a lot of fun.  Mostly because I get to socialize and our kids get to have fun with their buddies.  Oh, and I guess there's a football game on the big screen. 

Last night was no disappointment - our church family knows how to party y'all!  Our party was super fun - complete with a Krispy Cream Donut eating contest (ewww!).  Jacob thought he needed to participate - he was a trooper.  He ate 6 donuts in 5 minutes.  The winner ate 12 1/2.  Ewww!  It was so fun to watch though.  The best part of the night though, by far???  Our halftime worship experience.  Forget Katy Perry...  our worship team flat out brought the house down.  They organized all our worship teams plus the student band which was probably 15 or more musicians.  It was great...  here's the best part: 

Yep, that's my little man.  Rocking it out for Jesus.  It was so cute and totally warmed my heart.  My first instinct as he was walking up to the front of the room was to grab him and say "no no baby.  Stay back in the back with mommy."  But, I let it play out.  And I'm so glad I did.  He was absolutely captivated by the music and just stared and danced.  And then one of our church members invited him to play the bongo drums.  Heaven.  This must be a little picture of what heaven will be like.  Everyone-  big/small, black/white, young/old joining together to worship the One True King.

I love how God works.  Yesterday, the lesson I taught in Sunday School was from Mark chapter 10 when Jesus welcomed the little children even though the disciples tried to shoo them away.  Jesus always has time for us. I'm so glad I didn't stop baby J from worshipping God in his own little way.  Jesus wouldn't turn him away.  He doesn't turn anyone away.