Monday, November 16, 2009

Potty training is a War at the Stover House...

and the potty is the enemy, apparently. Potty training is a tough activity. Jacob is totally ready to potty train and hates to be wet or dirty, but OH MY GOODNESS he won't pee in the potty for anything! He is a very very good boy most of the time - very sweet and obedient (well, at least 90% obedient...) :-) He uses good manners, nice words and even likes his brother. My little Jacob is a very smart young man too...seriously. He can carry on a conversation like he's 30, not 3. Here's an example... Mommy, "Wow, that Elmo Chart you and daddy got today about going to the potty is very cool. I can't wait to put stickers on it." Jacob, "Thanks for getting me the Elmo chart, but you can put those stickers away because I not going to go pee on the potty." Traditional bribes haven't worked either...we tried M&Ms, lots of silly praise and extra kisses... nothing seems to work. Good ole fashioned peer pressure hasn't seemed to have an impact either - ohh, Ashely potties on the potty, Trent potties on the potty, Pierce potties on the get the drill. Jacob says - "I don't want to." And end of story for him... we'll trying to be patient and just trying to let it happen as it should. I know that a lot of boys don't potty until 3 1/2 -4. I know that it's not worth stressing over or fighting with him right now. I figure if he's still wearing diapers when he's married, it'll be his wife's issue then. :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daddy's Boys

I believe with all my heart that my boys have the best daddy on the planet. Really - he is so active in their lives. So patient with them. Loves to "romp and wrestle" with them - he totally trumps me on this one!!! I am a girly girl to the core. :-) He is a wonderful role model. He loves to read books with them. He loves to play puzzles. He loves to watch TV with them - okay maybe he doesn't love the Wiggles and Mickey, but he sure does tolerate them. He loves to watch them play together. He hates it when they hurt or feel sad. And he (self-admittedly) is somewhat of a softie. :-) So, it's no wonder that my boys are both turning into quite the daddy's boys. Jacob, more so than Jonathan. Seriously - Jacob loves his daddy more than anything in the world!!!!! It's a really precious relationship and I treasure watching them together. And, I have to admit, this daddy's boy phase is working to my advantage some times...especially in the middle of the night. Yes, Jacob still wakes up in the middle of the night almost every night (AAACCCKKK!!!!) and when he does, he screams "DAAAADDDEEEE," which is nice for me, because I can just roll right back over and pretend he didn't wake up. Daddy walks upstairs so patiently and gets him back to sleep and usually falls asleep in the process. So yes, it has its advantages... but selfishly, I must admit, sometimes I wish I was the favorite. Oh I know that sounds terribly selfish, but those sweet mommas boys you hear about...I want that. I really do. There. I said it. Confession from deep in my heart. :-) Bottom line, I love my boys so much and I want the best life has to offer for them and I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that their daddy is that for them and I am so grateful. I'm grateful to share parenthood with him and I'm thankful for the amazing example he is to our boys. Couldn't ask for more in this life...ever!