Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello world... I'm one month old!

Cannot believe my baby is already one month old.  Time seems to be flying.  Here's what the cutie pie is up to lately...
* He weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs 8 oz and is now 21 1/2 inches tall.  (50 percentile for both)
* He is a super easy baby!  So chilled and relaxed.  Thank the Lord for that!
* He loves to lay flat on his back on his little play mat and look around.  He is so content!
* He's starting to kick his legs and move his arms like crazy.  I love that. 
* He has beautiful eyes  -they are steely grey.  I wish they would stay that color forever. 
* He's eating every three(ish) hours during the day and sometimes goes 4-5 hours at night.  Nursing has been frustrating to say the least, so I'm pumping my face off to give him breast milk.  It's hard, but it's working for us for now. 
* One of his nicknames is "super soaker" - seriously, little dude pees all the time and OFTEN pees right through his diaper.  I change his clothes multiple times a day. We've tried Huggies and Pampers - neither seems better than the others. 
* His other nickname is "the boy."  Even Jacob and Jonathan call him that sometimes. 
* He sounds congested a lot, especially at night.  He makes loud grunting noises and sounds like an old man.  Pediatrician says it is a slight form of reflux - no intervention necessary. 
* He naps in his crib during the day, but is still sleeping in our room at night. 
* I love love love the way he stares at and studies his daddy's face when he comes home from work every day.  It is precious! 
* He is fitting into our little family with ease.  The big boys adore him and are so helpful and wonderful with him.  They like to hold him, sing to him and talk to him.  Jonathan is constantly trying to give him things.  It's so cute.

I love having a newborn again.  It's a lot of fun.  Busy, but fun.  I am tired...all.the.time.  But I feel so  blessed and thank God for the amazing way he has blessed and redeemed my life. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life is good...at 6 years old

It's almost a month overdue, but here's a little ode to Jacob as he turned 6 years old on October 14.  Usually, I write a letter to each boy on their birthday, but I'm shaking things up a bit.  I interviewed my big boy... here's the unedited version: (Jacob's answers in italics)
1.  What's your favorite color? blue
2.  What's your favorite toy?  Batman's Batcave
3.  What's your favorite food?  cookies, no wait... ice cream!
4.  What's your favorite TV show?  umm, that's tough.  I know, the Brady Bunch
5.  What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  spaghetti
6.  What's your favorite outfit?  Batman shirt
7.  What's your favorite game?  Sega Sonic
8.  What's your favorite board game?  Trouble
9.  What's your favorite snack?  tootsie rolls
10.  What's your favorite animal?  tigers
11.  What's your favorite song?  The gummy bear song I learned at PSE
12.  What's your favorite book?  Bedtime Favorites
13.  What's your favorite part of kindergarten?  duh, recess!
14.  What are you most proud of?  Being in a play, "the Best Christmas Pageant Ever." 
15.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Batman
16.   Who's your role model?  what's a role model?  I don't really know about that one.  Not sure I have one. 
17.  If you had a magic wand, what three wishes would you wish for?  To become Batman, to become Spiderman and to become Superman
18.  Who's your best friend?  (with a sweet smile) Jonathan and Joshua
19.  What's your favorite Bible story?  Jacob's ladder
20.  What's your favorite Bible verse?  Hebrews 13:8 - just like Daddy
21.  What's your favorite holiday?  Christmas
22.  How do you know mommy and daddy love you?  that's easy, because you tell me! 

Also, each year, we try to get some pictures of the boys in one of daddy's white dress shirts to document how they are growing. Here's this year's photo shoot...

Thursday, November 01, 2012