Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear our best little friend ever,

Dear buddy,

Today was an interesting day. Thanks for taking us along. We always miss you when you are gone and were glad we got to help make you feel better. We were with you every step of the way today as you got something put in your ears. We think we heard your mommy call them ear tubes. Don't really know what that means, but I don't think you liked it so much. Here's what happened. We drove really far. You held us tight the whole way there. Thanks for that - sometimes we get scared in the car! Then we got out and went into this room. And guess who was there??? Grammy and Pa, Mamaw and Papaw and Aunt Rachie. Of course mommy and daddy too! Big bro didn't come - he got to go play at Aunt Susan's house. So when we got to the room they called your name and we had to go to another place. Your mommy and daddy came too. This lady tried to put something green on your leg and you didn't like it at all. Then, mommy gave you some red medicine. You started getting pretty sleepy and even a little - no a lot! giggly. But the best part... you were super snuggly. You wouldn't let go of us for anything! Your mommy and daddy read us some books and sang some cool songs. Then these people came and got us. We went to a different room without mommy and daddy. We were so scared! But not you - you, our best buddy, were so brave. Then you fell asleep. The doctor came in and worked on your ears a little. It didn't take very long and we were really curious and worried about you. Guess what happened then??? The nurse put some band aids and a mask thingy on us so you would know we were there the whole time! We look super cool. Then, it got kind of interesting. They took us back to the first room and you were still pretty sleepy. Your mommy and daddy came back there and you kind of went crazy. We've known you your entire life and haven't ever seen that from you before. You were screaming and throwing things and practically jumping out of your mommy and daddy's arms. You didn't really even want to hold us. But we understood. Everyone said it was just the medicine and you'd be fine in a few minutes. Well, about 30 minutes later, you were okay. Still grumpy, but at least you talked to us a little. And you got dressed and your mommy and daddy took you outside. We were so worried about you today, but you showed us how to be brave and how to pray to Jesus when we feel scared. We'll definitely be doing that next time we feel afraid. Big Buddy, we sure are glad you chose us to be your friends. We promise that we will love you forever!


Your best pals, Bear and Monkey

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poor Big Bad Jon

My poor baby is getting tubes in his little ears tomorrow. That's right folks... surgery for my little man. I know its perfectly normal and tons of kiddos have tubes, but the thought of my little guy being taken from me and put to sleep makes me super sad! So, I'm praying that all goes fast and that he's in no pain and is not scared. Not even a little! We have to be there at 8:15 am. Hopefully it'll be fast and pain free! Here's a couple of recent shots of my punkin. Seriously - how can you resist him? I know he's mine, but oh my goodness he is so cute! He is something else. Love love love love love love love you Jonathan! (if he could read and respond, he would say "wuv wu.") He melts my heart when he does that!


Being a parent is full of ups and downs. More ups than down, thank the Lord! Being a parent stretches you, makes you crazy, brings you to your knees and makes you smile. A lot! Last night was one of those precious moments that we'll never forget. Okay, so last night was a tough night for UK fans - no doubt about that!!! We were watching the game and trying to focus even though our little rugrats were running around wanting all our attention. Jacob announced that he was going to put on his church clothes. Okay, honey. Whatever... game's on. Go on in the other room... So, he proudly walked back in the room in size 18 month pants and an 18 month button up shirt that of course didn't match a lick. Oh and did I mention that they were both size 18 months???? Jacob wears a 4t - AND EVEN SOME OF THOSE ARE TOO SHORT. It was hysterical. Then he proceeded to pretend to be Mr. Blythe, his Sunday School teacher at FBC. It was so cute. He went through the whole routine. It was heartwarming to know that he really is paying attention. He said, "first you can play with anything you want. Even the playdoh." Then he grabbed a magazine and said "okay now it's time for the Bible story. Hmm let's see. Today we're going to learn about Hosanna." Then he said, "okay, now repeat after me." and started to recite a bible verse. Then he closed his eyes to pray. I have a short video - I so hope it works on here. It was really cute. I love this whole imaginative play stage. How fun! Oh and Hosanna! Hosanna! It's Easter season - praying blessings to you!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Three little words

(I totally stole this idea from my cousin in WV...go to to get her "daily dose of crazy!" Thanks Julie - may not be as creative as you, but I love this idea!!!!)

Babysitter's kid sick.
My boys too.
Fevers and cough.
Mommy home today.
Doctor's appointments later.
Need to clean.
Want to play.
Had crazy weekend.
Worked both days.
Crashed last night.
DVR is full.
Love the sunshine.
Really I do.
May go outside.
If fevers decrease.
Happy Monday Everyone!