Friday, March 27, 2009

VERY expensive 2 liter

Oh gosh - I have a confession of one of the dumbest things I've done in a long time. First of all, let me preface this with he fact that this week has been one of the busiest ever for us... Billy's got his HUGE mock trial tournament this weekend that he coordinates so he's worked late every night - really late. Crazy stuff - anyway, yesterday, he worked from 7:15am - 10:30 pm. He did stop by home briefly on his way from Louisville back to Frankfort and we had some pizza. He got home and I ran to get it so he could see the boys for a minute...well, being the sweet wife that I am, when I got to Papa Johns, I bought a 2 liter of coke for Billy because we were all out at home. The coke cost 2.95 - which I think is slightly ridiculous...oh but the story doesn't end there. I paid for my pizza, cheese sticks AND coke and promptly got back in the big blue van and went home. When I got home, I took the pizza in and Billy said "oh man, I wish we had some coke." Uggghhh - I slapped my head and said "ugggh - I bought one. A really expensive one and walked out of the darn store without it." SOOOOOOO, because it's been a really tough week for Billy and I know that he's totally addicted to caffeine, I marched back to the van and headed back to Papa Johns... well, when I was on the way, a car was zooming straight at me on Logan street and I had to swerve not to be hit head on...AND I KNOCKED THE PASSENGER MIRROR OFF THE BIG BLUE VAN as I promptly hit another parked car's side mirror. HORROR!!!! (confession - I kept driving - got the stupid coke, and brought it back home...I came back the same way and the car on Logan was still there - no damage to that mirror, praise the Lord!!!) The only thing worth salvaging... Billy drank the whole silly coke last night and this morning. :-)

Luckily it was only the mirror, but I can only imagine the nice bill we'll get from the Toyota dealer when we have to get the whole thing replaced - especially since it's electronic and all. So, that darn 2 liter is likely to cost a whopping $500 or something - if it's more than that, I'll just throw up...what a dumb thing to have to claim on insurance. Umm, "maam, can you tell me what happened to your mirror?" "well, I was driving to get a $3 coke and I hit a parked car..." WOW.

what a night.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Jonathan

Dear Jonathan,
SWEET BABY BOY, I love you so much! You bring us so much joy - that smile of yours is just amazing - I love those little teeth - all 8 of them. You are quite a little chunk - weighing in at 22 1/2 pounds. You're about to catch up to your brother. :-)

You have lots of new favorites things - you're learning so much and I appreciate your curiosity. You love balls - and you're really quite coordinated. You can "catch" balls and can roll them back to me with ease. You love to chase them around all over the room and think it's just hysterical when mommy or daddy dribble the balls. I have a hunch that your love of balls will lead to a very special bond between you and your daddy.

You also LOVE LOVE LOVE your big brother and want to be everywhere he is. When he's in the room, you crawl up to him so fast and just climb all over him. It's really funny! It scares me to death because I'm afraid you'll get hurt, but you seem totally unphased. You also are very very curious. You love to pick up all mommy's 'prettys' - things you'll have to learn aren't for little boys. Redirection works well for you now though.

You love food - any food. Really, I think if I left you in your high chair all day long, you'd continue to eat and eat. You love noodles, bread, cheese - everything really. I'm proud that you eat so well.

One little word of advise - PLEASE PLEASE sleep all night long (just like you did last night.) I know you can do it!!! :-)

I love you to pieces my little friend!

Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob,
what a sweet boy you are - you have the most infectious laugh of anyone I've ever known. My favorite thing ever is when you and your bubby play and laugh together. Jacob, you are growing so fast. I love having conversations with's a recent sample when we were in the car taking Jonathan to his 9 month check up.
mommy "Jacob - do you know that Easter is coming up?"
jacob"yeah I do. What's Easter mommy?"
mommy"Easter's very special honey - it's when we celebrate that Jesus is alive."
jacob" he's alive in mine heart."
mommy "absolutely - that's exactly where he wants to live."
jacob"mommy, does Jesus live in Dr. Robson's heart?"

PRECIOUS... just precious. I love how you are putting things together and trying to make sense of life. You are very curious and you started using the word "why" all the time just recently. I also love it when you say prayers before meals - it sounds like this..."god is great, god is good andajdlsjdflasjdofisdjfloajdf amen." You say it all so fast. It's hilarious and so sweet!!!

You love to be outside - I think you'd live out there if we'd let you. You even laid down on the porch yesterday and asked me to change your bottom ("bobbom"). You are just now expressing interest in your sandbox and love to pretend to make me cookies and special treats. You have quite the imagination.

You are a very very good boy, most all of the time. When you don't get your way, sometimes you scream and yell NO very emphatically, but you recover so well and can be so very sweet. I love it when you say "hold ya" which means please pick me up.

You, my little friend, are a big time daddy's boy. You and your daddy have so much fun together. I know you appreciate your special times at nite nite time - we do know that one day, you will totally sleep by yourself, but for now, Daddy sure does love telling stories with you.

We love you so much and are so appreciative that you are our little boy. We pray for you all the time - we pray for the man you'll become, that we'll be good parents and that you will have a very happy life.

love you little man!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You know you're a mommy of little ones when...

1. You can't remember the last time you actually dried your hair with the blow dryer and wore it in a style other than the trusty pony tail.
2. You understand the need for clearly defined rules when it comes to playdoh.
3. You find puffs and cheerios in very strange places - your friend may even point out that one is stuck to your rear end on the way to church... (and you don't even think that's strange.)
4. You believe that shaving your legs is as big an accomplishment as getting your college degree. Seriously - can I get a witness on this one???
5. You believe that a little piece of paper with scribbles is WAY more valuable than any ole Picasso painting!
6. You find yourself actually wondering what today's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode will be about.
7. Your heart melts when your children play together - really play together. It's so cute!!!
8. Your heart breaks when your child has the sniffles and a bad cough might just send you over the edge.
9. Your idea of a fun Friday night now includes going to GattiLand or Chuck E Cheese.
10. You find yourself still watching your little sweeties sleep - there's nothing better than a sleeping angel.
11. You pray more than you ever have in your whole life - praying that you'll do the right thing, that they'll grow up and choose to love the Lord, that they'll never get their feelings hurt...really that they'll have the best, happiest life possible.
12. You can't wait for the next slobbery kiss or little arms reaching for you.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friends forever!

If you are in our Sunday School class, you know that we are building a football team. Seriously - almost every child born to people in our class has been or will be a boy! It's very cool to think that these little people wll grow up together and will know each other so well. Here's a few shots of my boys and one of their best friends Walker Webb. We just know they'll grow up as close as their daddys cool is that?