Wednesday, October 29, 2008

top ten things a two year old does during his day:
10) dumps out all the crayons in the floor only to "color" one picture
9) loves reading books - or looking at one or two pages then saying "nutter one"
8) asks for Pete (a character on Mickey Mouse)
7) turns his cool Mickey piano on and does the "finger dance" - it's quite the experience!
6) anything that's packaged neatly or put away in its place gets dumped - no matter how many times mommy or daddy put it back in its box
5) repeats EVERYTHING you say
4) says it over and over and over
3) pretends to "talk" to ammie and pa on the phone
2) asks for cheese crackers "cheese caccas"
1) jumps/climbs on everything possible - the more he climbs, the more he makes Jonathan laugh!!!!!

And one more for good measure - steals my heart every moment of the day! I love you little bug!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still no pictures...but always cute stories. On Sunday, October 26, Jacob said the sweetest thing! We were sitting at the table having family dinner - I'm sure buttered noodles were in the mix - and I said to Jacob,"I love you buddy." He say "love too mommy." IT WAS SO SWEET!!!! Totally melted my heart. I really do love all three of my boys so much - it's amazing to watch the boys grow and develop. Jacob's learning about ten new words each day it seems. he's also mr. independent - "i do it" or "big boy feet" - meaning he can walk down the stairs without any help are his favorite phrase. Here are a few of their favorite things:
the color yellow
pumpkins (pumpins)
cinnamon rolls (icing )
MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE - he's really obsessed with the character Pete
his Mickey Piano - we have quite the fun dance parties at our house!
Tumble time - his new little class at the park
the moon
his big boy potty (we've managed to get pee in the potty one time - I think it was a fluke. )

his big brother!!! He just laughs hysterically when Jacob jumps or bounces a ball
Mommy's milk. :-)
his exersaucer - he pushes all the little buttons
shiny things like ribbons
books - he's starting to hold the pages
his daddy's voice - he'll nearly break his neck to turn to see him when he hears him talking

Monday, October 20, 2008

Funny Times

We can't post pictures right now, but I just can't let this opportunity go without capturing it in writing... A lot has changed at our house since last posting to this blog. We are no longer a family of three. Baby Jonathan Patrick Stover entered the world on May 30. He is a joy and a delight. Really probably the easiest baby EVER! He is very sweet and HUGE. He weighs in at just shy of 17 pounds and he's not yet 5 months old. He's 2 pounds bigger than his brother was at this age. :-) Hooray for Mommy's milk. Jonathan loves, adores, can't get enough of his big brother! He watches every move Jacob makes, which is both sweet and scary! Jacob is definitely a 2 year old. Full of energy and independence. One of his favorite phrases is "i do it." Except he doesn't say it in a sweet quiet voice - he shrieks it LOUDLY!!!

Other notable changes in our household:
Jacob's in the BIG BOY BED! It was quite traumatic for all of us, but he made it. He loves his big boy bed, but just doesn't always want to stay in it. Lucky for mommy, he goes right back to sleep if I come up stairs when he starts crying. For daddy, it's another story. Jacob wants to be picked up, rocked, sung to...hmmmmm.

Jacob is also now totally paci free. We're in the midst of that transition as we speak. We said goodbye to our friends the pacis on Friday (3 days ago.) The verdict is still out as to how we'll make it through this phase.

We're also the proud owners of a brand new mini-van - and we love it. Two kids pack quite a bit of stuff, so it's been great. We feel like real grown-ups now!

Now, for the good stuff...tonight was one of my most favorite moments ever - in my whole life, this definitely makes the top ten list!!!!! All four of us were up on our bed ("mommydaddy's bed"). Daddy was holding Jonathan and Jacob was wollering (is that even a word???) all over me. Jacob started being silly and shaking his head - Jonathan was laughing hysterically. I mean full out belly laughing , face turning red, till you start hiccuping laughing. Of course, Jacob was quick to oblige when we told him to keep being silly. All four of us were just cracking up. It was priceless. I honestly haven't laughed that long or hard in a long time. Just the simple moments like that remind me how very very blessed we are to have each other - to feel safe and secure in our home with the ones we love. Oh how I love being a mommy - I pray for many more fun filled evenings hanging out on "mommydaddy's bed" with my three blessings from God.