Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A penny for your thoughts...

Well, a new first as a mommy today. Jonathan almost swallowed a penny. See, he's a very curious young fella - much more curious than Jacob. Ms. Mary (our wonderful awesome babysitter) gave Jacob a couple of special coins for this piggy bank. He took them out of his pocket and of course Jonathan started exploring...I was in the other room during the event. I came in and Jonathan was chewing up a storm. I said "Jonathan honey, what do you have in your mouth." Jacob promptly and sweetly replied " my penny mommy. I gave it to Baby Jon - isn't that nice?" hmmmm. Yes, sweetie, it's so nice to share but OH MY GOSH HE HAS A PENNY IN HIS MOUTH!!!!!!!!! were my thoughts. I was able to remove the penny with no problem, but I was so freaked out...I was afraid we might me making a trip to the ole emergency room for operation penny extraction.

My kiddos keep things interesting - that's for sure!! I l-o-v-e every single second of being a mommy!

Friday, April 03, 2009

what we've been up to..

These boys sure are keeping us busy. They love love love each other. Jonathan is getting big enough to really go at it with his brother (as you can see above). He's just recently got big enough to return some "love" to his big bro! All I have to say is "ata boy, Jonathan - way to "get him back." They have a very special relationship - sometimes, they actualy play together - Jacob reads books to his bubby and Jonathan hangs on every word. They play together in the bathtub and with everything else. It never fails though that as soon as Jonathan picks up a toy, Jacob is quick to grab it. Oh sibling it's finest.
The bottom picture is one of my favorites - the boys love looking out the window - especially when they are waiting for a certain big blue car with their favorite person ever to drive up!
What a joy these two are. love my boys!!