Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Favorite Things

Being a mom is a true joy. Now, I know I complain about not getting any sleep - it's bad - so bad...but, I love being a mom. Here's a few of my most favorite moments with my boys:

* the moment right after Jonathan finishes eating his last feeding. He falls asleep nursing and is so sweet and content laying on my shoulder. I could hold him and listen to him breathe in my ear all night.
* when I walk into the nursery on Sunday mornings to pick up the boys - Jacob has the biggest, most sincere smile and runs right into my arms
* the first moment I see Jonathan each morning - that smile he gives when I pop my head over his crib is priceless
* singing songs with Jacob - he fills in words as I sing - it's so cute. Here's an example:
I sing "you are my" and Jacob says "sunshine" me - "my only" Jacob " sunshine" - it really is so cute. He does it to the alphabet song, twinkle twinkle, How Great Is our God and Jesus Loves Me.
* watching Jonathan trying intently to conquer something - picking up a flat toy, reaching something just a little to far for him, getting something right to his mouth the first time
* hearing Jacob say "friend ever" - he says this when I ask him if he'll be my friend forever

Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Boy Bed = Big Bad Trouble!!!

Of all the milestones we've faced so far in Jacob's 2 years, the transition to the big boy bed has most definitely been challenging. I mean awful, get the drift. Jacob showed readiness for a big boy bed back in August when he successfully became a climbing money and could get out of his crib in about 1.5 seconds. Seriously - he could get out of that thing before you reached his bedroom door. So, we took the plunge and bought him his very own big boy bed. He loves his bed - thinks it is so cool. He talks about it constantly and loves to jump on it. I know I know, he shouldn't be jumping on the bed, but that's a battle I choose not fight. I digress... So, he loves it, right??? He loves to everything in it BUT SLEEP. I mean for crying out loud, it's driving us crazy. Bless his heart - he was doing fairly well. Getting up a few times each night, but all I had to do was go up and say it's still nite nite time and he would do great. Now, however, the last week, he's not done so great. He's been up for several hours at a time and screams. I mean that boy can flat out wail. It is heartbreaking. We just don't know what to do. We've gone in and checked on him several times, get him calm, say some prayers, sing some songs, scratch his back...and then as soon as we walk out the screaming begins. So, we have let him "cry it out" - which has lasted 15 minutes, 12 minutes and less than that last night. It stinks!!! Then he falls asleep in the floor by his door. YIKES. So, if you're reading, please pray that we'll have patience and keep in mind that this too shall pass!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Beep Beep Chugga Chugga Big Red Car

Okay - you haven't experienced Rupp Arena until you experience it with 5000 or more 2-5 year olds!!!! We took our little noodle to Rupp to see the Wiggles in concert. The Wiggles are these 4 Austrailian guys who sing funny kids songs. Jacob was in awe - he just sat in our laps and stared the whole time! He danced a little, but mostly, he just stared at all the movement and laughed at Mommy and Daddy and baby Tay for dancing silly! Taylor ("tato") is Jacob's big cousin and one of his favorite people ever!

Jacob's favorite Wiggles song is "Beep Beep Chugga Chugga Big Red Car." What fun!

It's such a joy to experience these things through the eyes of your child. Never in a million years would either of us think we'd be going to Rupp for a Wiggles concert. After all, Rupp is ONLY for the BIG BLUE fans and just doesn't seem right without basketballs, cheerleaders and loud fans. But, I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade the Wiggles experience for anything in all the world. I feel so blessed to be Jacob's mommy and I'm so glad he has opportunities like this. Go Wiggles!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I want to blog too!!!

Well, my little brother told me a secret. He told me that mommy let him get on the computer last night to post a bloggy page, so I just had to do it too because after all, anything he can do, I can do it better. Let me tell you something - being 2 years old is way more fun than being 1. I mean, I'm so tall I can see just about everything. And boy, it is so exciting. It's really cool that I can open any drawer in the house - I especially like the one in the kitchen where mommy and daddy keep their keys, phones and wallets. I do love me some keys. You know what? They even have a button on their keys that when I push it, the cars in the garage go "beep beep beep beep" - how cool is that? Oh, and there is nothing better than a couple of cell phones. I like to call Ammie and Pa and Mamaw and Papaw. Sometimes, I really can hear them and they can hear me. Sometimes, I just push buttons and pretend. Can you tell I really like to push buttons? I like buttons - any buttons - they are just right for my little fingers. I like buttons on the computer, buttons on the tv, buttons in the car. I get all excited just writing about all the possibilities.

My life is full of fun right now. I just love to explore things. I also really like to dump things out of whatever container they are supposed to be in. I can unzip bags, I can take the tops of just about anything and I can empty a box of toys in about 2 seconds. One of my favorite things to say right now is "whoa a lot" - a lot of toys ,a lot of food, a lot of mess, a lot of cars... I'm really into quantifying everything.

I also am starting to put words together for sentences (that's what my mommy called them - I don't really understand that word though). I can say things like "mommy say no, no, no" and "wash hands soap" and "nite nite time in big boy bed" and "andy-tales house dark" and "go go go Nannys house"- I must say that it's cool to talk and be able to be understood most of the time. It sure makes like easier! I also know all my colors and some letters and numbers. Mommy and daddy quiz me all the time. I think that's a fun game! Sometimes, I think they just forget what the letters are, so I have to remind them.

I love my mommy and daddy and even my little brother most of the time. I even ask about him first thing in the morning. This morning, before anyone came to get me in my room, I was saying "baby, where are you???" I like to see him and I really like to make him laugh. He's a little weird - he laughs at the strangest things. Like when I shake my head or jump on the bed - he just thinks I'm hysterical. I think that's pretty cool.

Well, I better go before my mommy finds out I'm typing on her computer. I think I can find something fun to play with - maybe my legos? See ya soon!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm a guest blogger

Hi. My mommy told me to post a blog for her tonight. I know I should be sleeping, but life is just too exciting these days. I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE my big brother and if he's up, I definitely want to be up. He's not, by the way - I can't hear him, so that means he's asleep in his room. I want to share a room with him so bad, but my mommy and daddy think I'll sleep better in the extra room for a while. For some reason, he likes to play in his room when he should be sleeping. I think it's supposed to be a secret, but it's really driving my mommy crazy!!! Really - don't tell anyone.

Let me tell you about life as an almost 6 month old little person. It is pretty cool! My mommy and daddy love me very much and any time I want something, they pretty much give it to me. Like food - my mommy is doing a great job feeding me. I have super chunky legs to prove it. My mommy and daddy both love to squeeze my big legs. I don't understand it, but it makes them smile, so I just laugh and smile in return. Oh - and I just love to roll around. I can get all the way across the room before my mommy even knows it. I'm super fast. One day, I'll be as fast as my big bubby. I also get really excited to hold on to stuff - anything really. I especially like me a hand full of mommy's hair. It feels really neat. I'm starting to like to put everything in my mouth too, so you better be careful what's in my reach. I don't have any teeth yet, but chewing on stuff sure feels good.

I have lots to say, but no one can quite understand me just yet. I learned to squeal just the other day. It really is the most fun sound. You should try it some time! Oh, I also learned to spit and make a buzzing sound - talk about advanced...

Life is good from my point of view. I make mommy smile all the time and I just smile right back because her face is so familiar and comfortable for me. I get super excited when my daddy's around too - I kick my legs and move my arms toward him. They don't know it yet, but I'm really reaching for them and saying "pick me up please."

We are a happy family. My mommy and daddy like each other a lot and they really like to play with me and my brother. I don't really know what this means yet, but we have so much for which to be thankful. I'm thankful for my mommy, daddy and my way-cool big brother. He's my best friend and he doesn't even know it yet - one day, I'll tell him just how much I admire and respect him.

Well, I really must sleep. Mommy thinks I need some sleep at nighttime - I guess she's right, but being awake is just so much fun!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jacob does and says the most funny things. I was working today, and Daddy got to stay home. Daddy said he was in the kitchen and he kept hearing Jacob say "mommy say no, no, no." Daddy said he said it 5-6 times so he finally went in there to check on him. He found Jacob standing up on the red chair pointing to his "masterpiece." Yep, you guessed it, Jacob wrote on our wall with an ink pen.

He's right - if I'd been here, I would have said "no, no, no..." Always an adventure.