Monday, May 30, 2011

My big THREE year old

Dear Jonathan,
Holy Catfish (one of your cute sayings)... you are three. I can't believe you are already 3. You are one sweet little boy and you make us so happy. We've had quite the fun party weekend, starting with a little playdate party on Friday morning for you and a few of your little buddies. Then, your family party was on Saturday - a Toy Story theme.

It was tons of fun! At the end, you sweetly said "these are the best presents ever." You were excited with each present and I loved your reactions!

Today, on your "real" birthday, we had a quiet morning at home and then a family cookout at your Uncle Jerry and Aunt Amy's house. It took you about an hour to finally decide to swim, but once you did, you loved it!

You are amazing. Here's some highlights of what's gong on it your life right now:
* You still love Toy Story - you and Daddy have a special thing about saying "dr. Evil

* You ARE potty trained! - well almost! You do great at our house, but sometimes don't like to go pee pee at Mamaw's or Ms. Elsie's. You have started something new. Every night, when we tuck you in, we know that you are going to say "I have to go stinky." And then you get out of bed, go to the potty and proceed to run show me each and every little piece of your "business." Seriously gross, but I'm totally proud of you!
* You are riding your big boy bike like a champ! So cute!
* You really really like to win. Everything is a competition to you. We're working really hard on "being on the same team as your brother." It really makes me sad to see you lose most of the time, since Jacob is naturally faster than you.
* You say "off" when you mean "all." For instance, when you as for food, you say, "I want cheese and applesauce and yogurt and peanut butter and that's off."
* You are a 100% daddy's boy. I mean really, I wish you liked me even a little. :-)

* I love you so much big boy! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 27, 2011

This man...

Makes me so happy. He is kind and loving and patient (Lord knows he has to be!)and I love him with all my heart. This man is funny and witty and he's my very best friend. He is a very picky eater and he is a great basketball and softball player. He loves to watch sports and somehow knows any and all details about baseball, basketball and football. Goodness, I'm glad he doesn't follow golf, nascar or hockey. :-) He is a loyal friend to those he meets and everyone who meets him instantly likes him. He is very good at his job, but is the first to say that his j-o-b doesn't come first. We do. That's right - he puts God first and then me and the boys. He is a real man, in my opinion. He loves the Lord and chooses to lead our family toward Him. He is the best daddy in the world. Even with two little ones, he makes me feel like a princess every day. He is helpful beyond belief around the house and has changed his fair share of stinky diapers.

I am so blessed to call this man my husband. On May 21, 2005, he became mine forever!!! Last weekend, we went to Myrtle beach (without our kiddos!) for a brief vacation to celebrate our anniversary. We had a blast! We missed Jacob and Jonathan so very very much, but it was a really wonderful time to rest, relax and reconnect... without wiping bottoms or fixing peanut butter sandwiches or getting "tweets" for "Being such a good good boy."

So grateful that Grammy and pa agreed to keep the boys so we could enjoy ourselves. We will definitely be doing that again!!!


Friday, May 13, 2011

yep, I was that mom!

Oh gosh - today, I was THAT mom. You know, the one with the screaming toddler out in public? Yeah, that was me. Jonathan and I packed up and went to Lowes today. I wanted to go look at some rugs and I need a few more flowers and a couple of odds and ends. Jonathan got to "ride" on all the tractor mowers. Win-win, right? Ummm not so much. So, I found a rug I liked and went to order in a hallway runner size and the computers suddenly started acting ugly. It was taking a good forever. Jonathan was riding in the buggy - you know the big blue race car ones??? Well, he wanted down. So I let him. Then he wanted back in, only he wanted to "DO IT ALL BY MYSEEF." Oh my sweet goodness, I know ya'll all heard him screaming, even from your living rooms. He couldn't do it himself though, so I (gasp) tried to help him up. Well, the screaming meamie of all tantrums commenced. You would have thought I was killing him. I was getting THOSE looks. The kind that make me want to punch people in the face and say, "what, you've never seen a two year old throw a tantrum before?" And of course, "no, as a matter of fact, I'm not a horrible mommy and my kid doesn't always act like that." And REALLY????? can't you get the stupid computer to work so I can just order my rug and get the heck out????? Oh no, they couldn't. So then they called the ordering manager and the front desk manager. Screaming still in full swing as Jonathan is now buckled in his race car - ticked off. Finally, I said in my kindest voice.. " I'll just get the number of the rug I want and order it from home. We are leaving now." And. I. Walked. Out. Left my shopping cart semi-full of a few things we needed and walked out. Didn't get my flowers and Jonathan didn't get his ride on the tractors. Hmph!

Oh well, here's hoping you are having a tantrum-free day! And if I see you out and your little sweetie throws a little fit, I promise I won't give you one of THOSE looks. :-)

(this is Jonathan's "mad face." I wish today, that's all I'd seen!!!!! :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

just some stuff rumbling round in my brain...

So, have you ever felt trapped in your own home? I kind of am today. And it's good, I promise. We are getting new floors and carpets installed downstairs TODAY - while I type and the boys are tyring to rest. I say trying, because hello - anyone else been in their house whilst hard wood is being installed? L to the Loud is all I have to say. BUT it will be worth it and I already love it. My house is 12 types of upside down. I couldn't even find my undies this morning. whoops. Should have thought of that when I haphazardly threw all the contents of our dresser into trash bags late last night to move our furniture out of our room. We have to turn them up on their sides to make the crazy angles of our house and everything started to dump out. So I got all "be prepared" and got the trash bags out and stuffed away. Anyway - it's nap time and the boys need some down time. I've been outside all day and I'm dripping with sweat...So we're trapped. But, that's okay. Totally okay. And i'm not really crazy about a stranger being in our house all alone or I'd just pack up and go to the zoo. Oh except that I couldn't because in the midst of the floor installation, an insurance adjuster had to come look at our roof as we've had some leakange with all the rain over the last umpteen weeks. Sheesh. Who needs animals? It's a zoo here at Stover ville.

In other news, mother's day was great. Got to spend some time with my momma and loved being a mommy to my boys. AND, i got to welcome my hubby home from a week long work trip to Phoenix. That was my mother's day present! So glad he's back. Shew. Single parenting is for the birds. I have so much respect for those of you who do the daily grind without a supportive and loving husband. Know that you have my prayers!

And also, we have been working hard on potty training round here. Jonathan is doing great. Most of the time. He's holding it a lot though and that makes me nervous. He holds it all day sometimes. No accidents ever. He just won't go pee. Not everyday, but lots. I worry that he'll get a bladder infection or kidney infection or something. Oh number 2 you ask?? Not much progress there. He usually waits til he has a diaper on at night night time. Not really ready to fight that battle just yet.

Finally, (SORRY FOR THE LONG WINDEDNESS OF THIS POST! -but hey, I'm trapped, remember?) and most important.... PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR MY FRIEND AND FORMER CO-WORKER DAVID. His 7 year old son has a brain tumor and is in surgery at UK hospital at this very moment. Tanner had ben throwing up with no explanation for 3 weeks and last week they did a MRI, which showed a brain tumor. David and Tanner's mother, Ann could use all the prayers they could get. The next few weeks are going to be tough as he recovers from surgery and they have to figure out if the tumor is cancer, etc.

Thanks all! Kind of put things in perspective. My topsy turvy house is nothing compared to what my friend David is goin through.

Friday, May 06, 2011

These Boys...

Made Me:

* Boo -Boo kisser
* bath water checker
* milk pourer
* breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner maker
* bike ride helper
* learning time teacher
* Referee (seriously, I feel like I should wear a black and white striped tee and a whistle all the time!)
* snot wiper
* booger getterer (not a word, I know, except it is at our house!)
* bottom wiper
* book reader
* taxi driver
* story teller
* manners reminderer(again, I know, reminderer is not a word!)
* the retriever - I often have retrieved items from the vents, from the toilet and even down the sink...
* hugger and kisser
* the bed tucker inner
* the middle of the night paci retriever (not anymore, thank the Lord!)

and most of all.... these boys made me MOMMY. I'm so grateful to be their mommy and I wouldn't trade any of my daily mommy chores for anything. They've also made me a more passionate prayer warrior. I pray for them all the time.

And I'm super grateful for my own mom! What a great role model she has been. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! You are amazing!!!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all my special mommas out there. What about ya'll - what are some of your special titles that have been bestowed since becoming a mommy? I love you!