Thursday, April 16, 2009

A penny for your thoughts...

Well, a new first as a mommy today. Jonathan almost swallowed a penny. See, he's a very curious young fella - much more curious than Jacob. Ms. Mary (our wonderful awesome babysitter) gave Jacob a couple of special coins for this piggy bank. He took them out of his pocket and of course Jonathan started exploring...I was in the other room during the event. I came in and Jonathan was chewing up a storm. I said "Jonathan honey, what do you have in your mouth." Jacob promptly and sweetly replied " my penny mommy. I gave it to Baby Jon - isn't that nice?" hmmmm. Yes, sweetie, it's so nice to share but OH MY GOSH HE HAS A PENNY IN HIS MOUTH!!!!!!!!! were my thoughts. I was able to remove the penny with no problem, but I was so freaked out...I was afraid we might me making a trip to the ole emergency room for operation penny extraction.

My kiddos keep things interesting - that's for sure!! I l-o-v-e every single second of being a mommy!

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Tiffany Magness Keene said...

Oh my gosh! I started reading and was almost nervous to see where things were going! I'm glad it turned out to be no big deal, but I'm sure it still had Mommy freaked out! Jacob is such a sweet older brother! One day, you'll tell him this story and both him and Jonathan will get a kick out of it! So much fun at the Stover household!!! :)