Sunday, March 28, 2010


Being a parent is full of ups and downs. More ups than down, thank the Lord! Being a parent stretches you, makes you crazy, brings you to your knees and makes you smile. A lot! Last night was one of those precious moments that we'll never forget. Okay, so last night was a tough night for UK fans - no doubt about that!!! We were watching the game and trying to focus even though our little rugrats were running around wanting all our attention. Jacob announced that he was going to put on his church clothes. Okay, honey. Whatever... game's on. Go on in the other room... So, he proudly walked back in the room in size 18 month pants and an 18 month button up shirt that of course didn't match a lick. Oh and did I mention that they were both size 18 months???? Jacob wears a 4t - AND EVEN SOME OF THOSE ARE TOO SHORT. It was hysterical. Then he proceeded to pretend to be Mr. Blythe, his Sunday School teacher at FBC. It was so cute. He went through the whole routine. It was heartwarming to know that he really is paying attention. He said, "first you can play with anything you want. Even the playdoh." Then he grabbed a magazine and said "okay now it's time for the Bible story. Hmm let's see. Today we're going to learn about Hosanna." Then he said, "okay, now repeat after me." and started to recite a bible verse. Then he closed his eyes to pray. I have a short video - I so hope it works on here. It was really cute. I love this whole imaginative play stage. How fun! Oh and Hosanna! Hosanna! It's Easter season - praying blessings to you!

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