Friday, April 15, 2011

April is...

CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS MONTH!!!! So, what are YOU doing to help prevent child abuse? I believe that preventing child abuse is everyone's business. When I used to work for state government, particularly the Division of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, I felt like I was doing all kinds of things to support the prevention of abuse. I was involved in awesome Public Service Announcement projects and video series that went to teachers about the recognition of child abuse. We hosted live media events in the Capitol and placed pinwheels in local businesses. Good stuff.

Now, almost a year after I left state government (insert hallelujah chorus for my new part time gig here!), I feel like I'm not doing enough. Sure, I work with children and families and I help teach parents what to do if they get "stressed to the max." But what about in my daily life? Am I helping parents enough? Am I praising the hard work of mommies that I know and love? Am I taking care of myself in ways that allow ME to be the best mommy and not lose my cool over frustrating events at my house?

Well, let me take this opportunity to say to all my mommy friends.... YOU ROCK!!! PARENTING IS HARD WORK AND YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU ARE NOT ALONE WHEN YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED AND NO, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS EVER YELLED AT YOUR SWEET CHILDREN!!!!!! Take some time for yourself. Take some time for your marriage. Support local agencies who work with children who may have bee abused. Pray for the safety of your child and their friends. Sport a nice little blue ribbon on your shirt this month. Those things work together to help stop abuse.

You can also partner with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky on some special activities throughout the state for Child Abuse Awareness Month.

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