Monday, October 31, 2011


Got to go on a date night with my hubby this Saturday - thanks to my awesome in-laws for doing kid duty for a couple of hours. We have been wanting to go see "Courageous" since it's opening a few weeks ago, but we just couldn't work it out. Until this weekend. Oh man - GO SEE IT!!!!!! Really - you won't be disappointed. We enjoyed Fireproof a few years ago by the same film company, so I was hopeful about this one as well. It.was.awesome! Pretty convicting too. The basic storyline of the movie is about 4 cops, trying to save the day... putting their all in at work and sometimes having little left to give at home. They were self-admittedly "good enough" fathers. Tragedy struck one of the families and he, through grief, started seeking the Lord and trying to understand what the Word says about being a dad. He wanted to be better than "good enough." I won't spoil all the movie plot (Seriously - you wanna go see this one!), but I will say that I was impacted greatly. It was full of laughs and serious (actually I cried several times!) parts. The first scene of the movie got my tears a rollin - this guy's car was hijacked at a gas station and the guy literally ran on foot, caught up with the truck and was dragged several hundred or more feet but eventually got hold of the wheel and made it crash into an embankment. Thought he was just a bad dude - but really, he was just concerned about his baby son in the backseat strapped into his car seat. Got me thinking about my kids. I would walk through fire so they wouldn't be harmed. I would die for them in an instant. But I can't imagine for anything willingly giving them up - but that's what God did for me. WOW!

This movie also made me insanely grateful for both my daddy and my hubby. My dad would have (and still would) done anything in the world for us. He loves us so much. I never doubted that. And my hubby??? What a blessing he is to me and to Jacob and Jonathan. I've posted before about how great he is as a daddy, but I will say again, Billy was made to be a dad. He's such a good role model for our boys. I really do hope they grow to be like him as he guides them toward God.

Anyway - getcha a babysitter and go see this one. You won't be disappointed.

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