Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Just so I never forget...

There are some things that my kiddos do that I make a mental note and say, "you better write that down." Well, of course I forget to write it down most of the time. So here goes: here's a few things I never ever want to forget:
* Without fail, almost the first thing Jonathan says to daddy when he gets home from work is "Hi Daddy. Can I play your phone?"
* I have to try not to laugh at this one, but when one of them gets mad at the other, sometimes they call each other "mean bootie heads." It's so funny, but doggonit, we have a no name calling rule at our house, so I can't laugh.
* Both boys LOVE popcorn. They think it's the bomb-digity.
* Jacob is really into playing monopoly. Yes, he's only 5 and yes, he really knows how to play. He can even be the person totally in charge of handing out the properties. He can't read the chance cards, but he can count what he rolls on the dice and can count small amounts of money. Unbelievable!
* We have been working hard to make Jacob try some new foods. It's a battle, but in the last month, he has eaten ONE lima bean and one green bean and a bite of baked potato. Of course, he said they were "awful." (he tries more things than this at his babysitters, though...go figure.
* costumes are a way of life at our house - we have 2 superman, batman, robin, tigger, pooh, Mickey, Buzz, Woody, pirates, alien, and the list goes on and on. They wear them ever day. Seriously!
* They claim not to like Justin Bieber. We don't even talk about JB in our house.
* We got Jacob a PS3 Toy Story game for his birthday and they love it. Welp, I'll say that I THINK daddy likes it more.
* At least 50 times a day, I hear from Jonathan, "I need a little help."
* Jacob is sleeping like a rock star. Praise the Lord! We've been through a lot to get there, but it is awesome. Now, for the other little person in the bottom bunk - please start sleeping through the night again. Please??? You seem to be getting scared or something through the night. :(
* I get the privilege of keeping Charlie and Caden Gaither on Mondays. The four boys have a blast and are such good friends. Jacob is definitely the leader of this Motley Crew. Jonathan is very protective of Charlie. Whenever we go to the toy aisle at Walmart, he always wants to buy baby toys so "I can play with my friend Charlie."
* One of the classic Jonathanisms is "Gammy, I seep so good I have some chocate pooding?"

There's more, but I'll post later.


Mommy Webb said...

Hilarious!!!! The choc pudding one cracked me up:).

jeanneburnett said...

Great stuff! I need to get to documenting too! I love how he says, "I need a little help" hilarious!