Sunday, April 15, 2012

it's the simple things...

(This pic has nothing really to do with this post, but it is a great shot of my handsome sweeties!)

It really is the simple things in life that mean the most. We get so busy "living life" that we forget to stop and say thanks to God for all the great little things in our life. The moments that to anyone else would be completely forgettable, but to me, draw special memories on my heart's wall. Here's a few of those that I just have to document (just in case my preggo self can't remember my name tomorrow or the next day or in 10 years...)

* Jonathan's shear excitement when I brought home cantaloupe from the store today - he said, "you got exactly what I wanted because I ate it at Mrs. Mary's and I loved it." and then he saw the strawberries and said, "that is the hugest berry ever." So cute!

* the boys are in to pretending to create a circus and like to do little tricks on the swing set. Their favorite trick is the "swashbuckle." - no idea what that word means.

* Jacob loves to work in his Huge Kindergarten workbook - he is so smart. Really! So independent. He's even counting money. WHAT????

* Jonathan is totally attached to this random little princess toy that he got at McDondalds - the day he got it, he was a teary mess because they gave him a girl toy rather than a boy toy, but now, for some reason, he takes that little princess everywhere...even in the bathtub.

* The boys love children's church and their favorite song right now is "solid rock." However, they are convinced that it says "Solly rock." Seriously.

* Any time Billy is watching a ballgame on TV, the boys say, "is it the Cats?" When daddy says no, they say, "well then who are you for because I'm for the team that my daddy likes."

* Jonathan loves to help mommy pick weeds - but he only likes the ones with dirt on them.

* Both boys love to play baseball - Jacob is a great hitter! Look out Major league!

* Our weekend was full of special times. And we did nothing. It was glorious!

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