Monday, December 03, 2012

It's Henry Time

Jacob man made his acting debut this weekend.  He played Henry in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at the Shelby County Community Theater.  The play is absolutely adorable. 
Here's Jacob on opening night -getting ready to go to his first performance.  Mommy got to go help out backstage that night. 
 Night two - the audience was full of Jacob's biggest fans - mommy, daddy, little bro, Mamaw, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Susan and some other family and friends. 
 Jacob's Papaw also happens to be in the play as a fireman - see below!  Papaw loves the theater and has been in a few shows and likes to be behind the scenes working on set, playing music, doing the lights, etc.  He encouraged Jacob to audition, and I'm so glad he did... Jacob has really enjoyed it. 

It's been a huge time commitment, but every second of it has been worth it.  Jacob did awesome in his little role.  He has one speaking line, but is on stage a lot.  SOOOO stinking cute!  The play is very well done.  All the actors did a great job.  If you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT!!! This weekend there are shows on Thursday through Sunday.  A great story about the real meaning of Christmas.  It'll definitely kick start your holiday spirit. 

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Tucker & Gracie's Mama said...

Oh I so wish we could have went to see Jacob! I know you are one proud mama! Way to go Jacob Man!!!