Friday, April 19, 2013

6 months... growing like a weed

Baby Joshua is six months old.  Can you believe it???  Time is going so fast.  Here's the highlights.  Joshua weighs exactly 17 lbs, and is 26 3/4" long.  Both in the 50th percentile.  He got his six month vaccines on Wednesday and has been a little fussy/feverish since, poor baby.  He is generally so happy and pleasant.  What an incredible blessing he is to our family.  He is absolutely the light of his brothers' lives.  I cannot believe how much they love him.  No one makes him laugh like they do.  Seriously.  He loves it when Jacob says (yells!) "There's my smile" and jumps in his face.  He also loves it when Jonathan puts his foot on his belly and pretends to fall on him.  Lord help us all if he ever
actually falls on him.  It makes me nervous, but the belly laughs that result are so worth it.  I'm convinced that there is no better sound on earth than that of a happy baby laughing.  Joshua started eating some solid foods this month.  First sweet potatoes and then bananas.  He liked them both.  Next up??? avocado... that's sure to be some DIRTY bibs and clothes.  :-)  Joshua started rolling over and sleeping totally on his belly.  That makes me nervous, but there's no sense in me changing it.  He's pretty darn content.  He is an incredible sleeper!!! He sleeps from about 8 or 8:15pm to 8 or 8:15pm.  We still wake him up at 10 or 11 for a dream feed.  What a sweet boy.  He is enjoying being outside watching the boys run around and jump on the neighbors' trampoline.  He doesn't like the sun in his eyes.  He is all into his toys and can
transfer them from hand to hand. He also has started sitting up on his own - he can hold on for about 15 seconds before making a face plant. He's right on target developmentally.                        

                          It's getting harder and harder to get his month-by-month update pics :)
see, he's totally trying to stand up...
or lay down on the job...
or scoot and roll (speaking of rolls, check out those thighs!)
Whatever he's doing, I'd say he is just about the cutest thing ever!!!

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