Friday, May 24, 2013

Ode to Chester

this post is a tad late... ahhh, the story of my life it seems.  Jonathan has had a fabulous year at FBC preschool.  It's hard to believe it's over.  Last Friday, we said goodbye to some fabulous friends and teachers that have helped shape my boy's life and began an early love for learning.  Jonathan loved preschool - especially "riding bikes" and "playing basketball with Walker."  Those were always the highlights.  If I pressed more, I could usually find out what he had for snack or what songs they sang and what was the Bible story of the day/week.  He's a man of few details though.  :-)  Our preschool pick-up conversations usually went something like this:
Mommy, "Hey buddy, what was your favorite thing about preschool today?" (I learned early that I can't just ask "how was preschool?" - all I get then is "fine.")
Jonathan, "Playing with Walker." 
Mommy, "Cool - what did you guys play?" 
Jonathan, "we rode bikes and played basketball.  Then we played with Eli and Lincoln some too."
Mommy, "What about Molly Kate?" 
Jonathan, "umm she's a girl so she don't like basketball but I play puzzles in the room with her."  
Mommy, "what else, buddy?"
Jonathan, "Can I play your phone?"

Alrightythen... my few minutes is gone.  Sweet sweet boy.  I do typically get bits and pieces about his day at random times during the day.  I need to be better about stopping what I'm doing to listen to him.  I feel like I say, "just a minute..."  TOO MANY TIMES.  I know guilt is not from the Lord, but man, when I think about this, the guilt almost strangles me.  Oh Lord, help me be less busy and more attentive so I don't miss any of the details of his life when he's willing to share them. 

One of the highlights of preschool is getting to bring home the classroom stuffed animal, Chester Bear.  Jonathan got to bring him home twice.  He made every move we made.  It was totally adorable.  :-) 

Here's Jonathan with the preschool director, Jan Wonderlich and his sweet teacher, Linda Ashby.   Both are WONDERFUL women of the Lord and have loved on my boys with all their hearts.  I am so grateful. 

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Mommy Webb said...

Just catching up on blog reading and I adore this post. Walker always talked about playing basketball with Jonathan and which UK characters they were that day..their daddies would be so proud:). We will miss Jonathan next year but he will do so good at kindergarten!!!!