Wednesday, October 29, 2008

top ten things a two year old does during his day:
10) dumps out all the crayons in the floor only to "color" one picture
9) loves reading books - or looking at one or two pages then saying "nutter one"
8) asks for Pete (a character on Mickey Mouse)
7) turns his cool Mickey piano on and does the "finger dance" - it's quite the experience!
6) anything that's packaged neatly or put away in its place gets dumped - no matter how many times mommy or daddy put it back in its box
5) repeats EVERYTHING you say
4) says it over and over and over
3) pretends to "talk" to ammie and pa on the phone
2) asks for cheese crackers "cheese caccas"
1) jumps/climbs on everything possible - the more he climbs, the more he makes Jonathan laugh!!!!!

And one more for good measure - steals my heart every moment of the day! I love you little bug!!!!

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