Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still no pictures...but always cute stories. On Sunday, October 26, Jacob said the sweetest thing! We were sitting at the table having family dinner - I'm sure buttered noodles were in the mix - and I said to Jacob,"I love you buddy." He say "love too mommy." IT WAS SO SWEET!!!! Totally melted my heart. I really do love all three of my boys so much - it's amazing to watch the boys grow and develop. Jacob's learning about ten new words each day it seems. he's also mr. independent - "i do it" or "big boy feet" - meaning he can walk down the stairs without any help are his favorite phrase. Here are a few of their favorite things:
the color yellow
pumpkins (pumpins)
cinnamon rolls (icing )
MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE - he's really obsessed with the character Pete
his Mickey Piano - we have quite the fun dance parties at our house!
Tumble time - his new little class at the park
the moon
his big boy potty (we've managed to get pee in the potty one time - I think it was a fluke. )

his big brother!!! He just laughs hysterically when Jacob jumps or bounces a ball
Mommy's milk. :-)
his exersaucer - he pushes all the little buttons
shiny things like ribbons
books - he's starting to hold the pages
his daddy's voice - he'll nearly break his neck to turn to see him when he hears him talking

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