Friday, July 02, 2010

My little guy's not so little anymore!!!!!!!!!

So, I was going to do a post about all the fun we've been having lately and I will do so, but instead, I'm shamelessly using this post to get some advice from my bloggy friends out there. So, my Jonathan has decided that cribs are for babies and apparently, he just doesn't think he's a baby anymore. Two nights ago, he climbed out twice and we put him back in bed both times and said beds are for sleeping. Last night, he did great going to sleep, but he woke up at 6, climbed out and came downstairs. Nap time today was no better. I put him back in his crib about 8 times I think. The final time, I put a couple of books in there...that seemed to work and now, he's snoring away. I've read on the Internet some tips and I basically did what most of the tips said... be consistent and firm. Make no eye contact and keep putting him back. I kept putting him back, but in all honestly, I did sing the Barney song to him ever blasted time I put him in today. So, at least tonight, I'll know better. Here's my question though... should we (GULP) go ahead and take the crib down and transition him to the toddler bed? Or should we just try to train him to stay in the crib? I've watched his gymnastics-like moves as he catapults out of the crib. He's actually quite graceful and some how lands on his feet every single time. So, I don't really think he'll hurt himself, but I just don't know what to do about the crib thing...Anyone with wise words for me here? THANKS!!!


Jennifer Sullivan said...

Hey Stover family! We really miss you all. Sherri, Isaac started climbing out of his crib at 20 mo. It was quite painful trying over several weeks to keep him in his crib. Josh even slept on the floor in his room to try to contain him. So, we went ahead and got him a "big boy" bed starting with the mattress on the floor. He loved it and began sleeping through the night again. It is so hard when they grow up so fast. Hope you all are having a great summer. The Sullivans. <3

melissaballard said...

Oh my. I don't have ANY advice for you, but get lots and you can share with me when Eli starts climbing out! He must take after his Mama with the gymnastics.