Monday, December 19, 2011

Maybe not me...

It's Monday and it must be random... right?
* I may have watched my child drop a pretzel stick on the floor at the mall and then pop it into his mouth. I almost threw up in my mouth...
* Three ornaments and two candles might have been broken in my house in the last week. Boys, anyone?
* I may have gone out on a date to a wedding with my hubby and our best friends this weekend, only to panic because what stay at home (almost) mommy has cute sexy clothes anymore?
* I may have smiled when I, on a whim, looked in the very back of my closet and found a little black dress that I wore when we first got married AND IT FIT. Heck, I may have even done a little victory dance in the mirror.
* I may have had to buy pantyhose at the last possible second for said wedding, because hello??? I don't get dolled up that often. And when I do, I MAY wear black pants and turtlenecks, which is my uniform it seems.
* I may have tried to trick my little man into telling me what his daddy got mommy for Christmas. I may have tried, but it sure didn't work. rats!
* I may be wasting time on the internet reading blogs when ahem!

1 comment:

Mommy Webb said...

You looked HOT in that black dress, I might add. Just ask the guys in the scary SUV at the Shell station;).