Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Thank God for Imaginations!

One of the things I ask a new patient's parent when I see them for an assessment at work is "do they have imaginative play?" Imaginative play is developmentally appropriate starting at about 2 years and is almost 100% evidence that a child does not have and will not develop autism or other social communication disorders. I see a lot of kids with some really tough issues, so when I am home, I hug my babies a little tighter and say prayers of thanksgiving for their health!

One thing that warms my heart is the HUGE imagination my littles have. I mean HUGE doesn't even begin to describe it. I know I've posted about our fascination with costumes several times, but really... it's our most used childhood item. If we don't have a costume they want, we improvise. See????

Jacob and Jonathan created a play called "The Grinch meets Buzz Lightyear." We didn't have a Grinch costume, so we made one - sort of. Jacob was concerned that he didn't have any green pants so he thought we should tape some green paper on his legs. Such a cutie and such a great imagination. Oh, and "the Grinch meets Buzz?"... would totally be a hit. So if any movie studios stumble upon my little bloggy, hit me up. My boys are quite the screen writers. :-)

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Mommy Webb said...

You are such a creative and fun mommy - love this!