Wednesday, January 11, 2012

bloggy funk - need intervention asap

I'm in a bloggy funk. Dont' know why, but I am... so much to update I suppose it's just overwhelming. I haven't even gotten to update that Santa did in fact find "snow that won't melt" and a "lotso doll that smells like strawberries" and that overall, Christmas this year was magical. Can't seem to make myself choose which pictures to upload to the ole bloggy. Oh - I can't believe I haven't screamed from the mountain top on here that my sweet hubby got me a CRICUT for Christmas! (go ahead, google it... I'll wait.) Said Cricut is still in the box, because my bloggy funk has also apparently leaked into an all out creative funk and I can't seem to sit down long enough to organize my scrapbooking stuff and break out the Cricut and get busy...I need an intervention. Seriously. :-)

Guess it's the weather, but I think me needs some sunshine. And a beach. Perhaps that would cure me? Oh, a girl can dream, right?

Soon, when my daydreaming kicks in and the thought of sunshine perks me up, I'll have some posts ready to go - you must see some shots from Christmas and Jacob's first basketball game, and I need to update on my goals for 2012... so much to do. Now that it's in print, I guess that's a little accountability for me.

For know though, I just wanted to give a little shout out to my sweet Jonathan... this is one of those moments that I never want to forget. This morning, we were working puzzles in the living room and I said, "my goodness, it's cold in here." He said, "be right back." He went upstairs and worked so hard to bring me an ginormous blanket. Then he said, "I hope you feel better warm now." Thanks sweet baby for making me warm - inside and out. :-)

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