Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy Derby Y'all!

It's the first weekend in May and we're in Kentucky - so y'all know what that means... It's Derby time! I've only been to the Derby once - in the infield...enough said. But, I love it. I love hearing the band play "My Old Kentucky Home" and I love watching the horses walk around the track coming to the gate. Now, I don't know one stinkin' thing about horses and horse racing, but I do love horses. I think they are beautiful. And charming. And mysterious. I don't know one breed from another and I haven't ridden in years, but this time of year, I'm proud to be a Kentuckian! Happy Derby Y'all! Now, I'll watch tomorrow. I'll tear up when the song comes on... BUT it won't beat the Derby I witnessed today, my friends. Jacob's little preschool class had one heck of a Derby celebration. It was so much fun! I love little moments like this as a mommy. I wouldn't have missed today for all the money in the world. They made the cutest horses...and had some fun races - baloon races, carrying a tray with a cup of juice and then, the ultimate... the horse race! First the fillies, then the colts. Then the whole class. I'm so grateful for FBC preschool! Sad that it's coming to an end for my big boy, but oh so grateful! (for some reason I can't post pics tonight...I'll keep trying)

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