Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Well, it's here... my buddy starts kindergarten tomorrow.  Did you hear that??? I SAID JACOB STARTS KINDERGARTEN TOMORROW!!!! Oh my goodness, I simply can't believe it.  He is totally ready, in every sense of the word, though he did admit to me today as we were walking hand in hand through the mall that he's super happy about it, but also a little nervous.  Well, me too sweet boy, me too. 

Actually, I'm terribly sad.  I know he'll be fine and will love love love school.  I've spent a lot of time praying today that we've done a good enough job preparing him, that we've taught him right from wrong, that he'll make really good friends who also like to follow the rules and do the right thing.  Praying that God will protect him from all the "big bad scary stuff out there" that we've sheltered him from.  Aside from that, I'll really miss him during the day!  Glad to have some 1:1 time with Jonathan, but I'll really miss Jacob!  Jonathan will miss him too.  No doubt about that! 

I love you sweet Jacob.  Now it's time for you to go.  Be who you are.  Shine for Jesus my sweet love!  Can't wait to see your face tomorrow afternoon and hear about your fun day.  :-)  I love you to the moon and back.  I love you forever I love you for always! 

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