Monday, October 01, 2012

september update

wow - time is flying.  Cannot believe it's already October, which means it's almost D DAY!!!  Excited to meet baby Joshua SOON SOON SOON.  So, just going to try to do a quick update on everyone one at a time.  :-) 

So, what's new for the youngest (for now) Stover.  My sweet little Jonathan had an eventful September.  Here's the highlights: 

He started preschool again - he's in the three day program at FBC and LOVES every single second of it.  His teacher is Mrs. Ashby, and she (like everyone else at FBC preschool) is fabulous.  He has several friends from last year and his buddy Walker in his class, so that's super fun.  It's hilarious... he gives absolutely no details about his day other than, "I rode bikes."  Well, alrighty then.  So, thankfully I know the questions to ask and I can pull out of him what he ate for snack or who he sat by or what songs they sang, etc.  Fun stuff.  Really! 


Jonathan also made his soccer debut.  You know what?  He really likes it.  I was a little hesitant to see how he would react, but he really hangs tough and likes it a lot.  AND....drum roll please... he scored a goal yesterday!!!  That may not seem like a big deal, but really, our team has only scored maybe 6-7 goals all season and one of those was by Jonathan.  Big bro Jacob also scored one during the first game.  :-)  Maybe I'll be a big time soccer mom one day??? 

Speaking of big brother, Jonathan has had quite the transition without Jacob around all the time since he's in kindergarten.  In fact, he's downright sad at the sitters sometimes because life just isn't as eventful without Jacob to play with.  I pray that God is using this time to help him be comfortable who he is and realizing just how special he really is. 

I think he is totally ready and excited to be a big brother.  He is so sweet... he always includes Joshua in his family pictures and he prays for him a lot at night.  He also is careful to kiss my belly.  He did ask the dreaded question today though... "mommy how did baby Joshua get in your tummy?"  Hmmmmm... well, I gave a nice vague answer and he was satisfied.  :-) 

Here's a few other tidbits about sweet little Jonathan:
* he insists that we hold hands when we pray at meal time
* he's into trying to figure out what letter all words start with
* he loves toys.  All toys.  He just really genuinely enjoys playing and it's precious. 
* He is very dramatic and can turn on the whine like no other.  I can't stand it, but he is responding much better to the limits I set with him! 
* he's a great eater and takes great pride in that!
* if Jacob ever gets in trouble, Jonathan is quick to say, "Am I being great???"  :-p
* he goes through phases where he doesn't sleep throughout the night and he's in one of those slumps now... really dude, you CAN cover yourself and your animals back up... I promise!  And your water???? DRINK IT ROOM TEMPERATURE DUDE!  :-)
* I love him more and more every single day and I can't wait to see how God uses him.  And that smile??? Melt my heart.  Seriously.  Love him. 

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