Wednesday, January 22, 2014

15 months

Fifteen things for Fifteen months...

1.  You are transitioning to one nap a day.  I thought I'd like it... I do not!  You do fine until about 6 pm - then you are super clingy and more sensitive than usual.  (dinner cooking time + clingy baby = bad news bears...especially when daddy works late.) Then for some crazy reason, you perk up at about 7 again and are your normal happy, playful self. 

2.  You lost (gasp) your lovey yesterday at church.  A very special green blankie went to church, but did not return.  I sure hope someone brings it back next week.  I'm sure it got put in the wrong bag by mistake. 

3.  You have an old cell phone that you LOVE.  It's so cute how you put it up to your ear and say, "Lo." - and you bring it to us and say, "bo bo" - which means open. 

4.  You love to play hide and seek with us.  Your smile is so cute. 

5.  Your favorite book is "Brown Bear Brown Bear."   - you say "ba ba bo"  when you are looking for it.  You love to look at the pages but you don't really like to be read to... you wiggle out of my lap after about 3 pages.  (maybe it's the red bird that looks like a cardinal that scares you away... HA!)

6.  You got your first hair cut.  I was sad and didn't want to do it, but your hair really was out of control.  So many people called you a girl and you finally started walking into stuff because you couldn't see.  Hee hee.  You did great!  You sat in that red race car like a champ.  Perhaps it was the sucker that helped. 

7.  Sometimes when you are hungry, you go into the laundry room/pantry and bring out random food like crackers, noodles, potatoes...  funny boy.  And sometimes if I'm busy or not looking you might dump the contents of whatever you grab from the pantry in.the.floor. 

8.  You are still a pretty good eater, but would rather eat in our laps off our plates than in your chair and your plate.  Daddy lets you.  I do not.  :-) 

9.  Daddy may be becoming your favorite.  I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

10.  You throw everything you see.  Balls are cool, baby boy.  Picture frames are not.  Just sayin.'

11.  You adore your big brothers and like to get in their beds.  You say "ba ba" and point to their beds.  I think it's because of their sippy cups.  You think you are HOT STUFF if we do let you up in the top bunk.  (no worries - totally supervised!)

12.  You are still obsessed with the toilet.  uggh!

13.  You love your little slide you got for Christmas.  You also love your ball pit/tent!!!  It entertains you for hours!
You are a happy little dude and love to play with just about anything. 

14.  You are awesome at the grocery store.  My little shopping companion.  You play peek-a-boo with people behind us in line and laugh at the people at the deli counter.  You steal the show. 

15.  To entertain you at restaurants (and at home while we eat dinner), sometimes we give you the ketchup bottle.  You are slightly obsessed with opening it and closing it... sometime with your teeth.   I know - totally gross and germie, but hey, a peaceful dinner is worth it I suppose.  Don't judge. 

Oh sweet boy - you bring us so much joy and happiness.  I pray for patience during the next very busy years with you!  We love you sooooooo much!

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Tiffany Keene said...

Oh my goodness, Joshua is growing up :(. Where did the little baby go!

And, no judging here, I could not agree more - a peaceful dinner is priceless :).