Wednesday, January 22, 2014

snow day fun

I'm just going to go ahead and say it... I'm totally over the snow days.  Don't get me wrong... I LOVE being home with my boys.  We have a blast, but enough is enough.  Come on spring... please hurry.  I don't want my sweeties going to school in June.  But alas, today was yet another snow day, so here's some of our fun.

A family game of Mario on WiiU.  Joshua thinks he's playing too.  Little does he know he only has a fake remote.  Poor little guy.  Usually we have to keep him out of the room when they play Wii U because he just wants the cords.  But today, I found a trick.  Let him think he's playing too.  :-)  It worked like a charm.  For all of about 14 seconds.  HA!

Thanks to Pinterest, I created a couple of racetracks with electrical tape in the living room.  We had a tribute to the Olympics - Stover style.  It was so funny!  The big boys loved it.  We quickly learned that using crazy straws to "push" the fuzz balls was just too hard.  So we did different races with different body parts.  Their favorite??? Pushing it only with the booty.  It was hilarious!  I was laughing so hard I forgot to take pictures of that part.  Guess what little man was doing during our Olympics?  He was happy as a little bee - throwing little fuzz balls 


Tiffany Keene said...

Next snow day, we're gonna bundle up and head to the Stover's house :). Fun!

Mommy Webb said...

I agree, Sherri, you are such a fun mommy. Love you!!!!!