Monday, February 10, 2014

favorite moments

One of my favorite ever momma moments happened last night.  And then just like that, one of the OTHER moments that defines motherhood happened today.  :-) They really deserve separate blog posts, but I'll just put them together. 

Last night, Billy was playing ball so I was home alone for bedtime...not a big deal, but not always the easiest task either.  SO, last night at 730, I had big boys get on their jammies and work on brushing their teeth while I gave Joshua his bottle and snuggled him and sang silly songs (MY FAVORITE PART OF THE DAY WITH HIM... and the only time he's still.)  He laughs and laughs.  I tell him all the Bible verses that the boys have memorized and he shakes his head whenever I say no one or never...  it's so cute.  Anyway, when I was done with him and laid him down, I came into the big boys' room to find this...  Jacob was reading the Bible stories and Jonathan was reading the little prayer at the end.  I ran down to get my camera and when I came back upstairs, they hadn't moved - so I did what all mommas do... I eavesdropped.  Come on, you know you've done it too!  I heard Jacob say, "I love reading the Bible.  Like, I LOVE it."  Jonathan said, "Yeah, me too.  God is cool."  Ahhhhh - almost erases all the tough moments - the fighting, the tattling, the WILD boy behavior, the dirty clothes all over the floor.  What a special moment for this momma! 

And then there's today... another snow day.  Sigh.  But it's been great.  A play date, Valentine's crafts, homemade cookies, lots of Brown Bear Brown Bear reading... and then.there.was.lunch.  Joshua was getting cranky - too close to nap!  So, I put some carrots and green beans on his tray and he immediately threw all of them on the ground.  He is a thrower, that boy!  I immediately took him out of his chair said, "Uh Oh" and put him in time out - only the second or third time I've really done it.  He was pitiful sitting by the door  - but totally didn't move.  I grabbed my camera and went in to get a sneak peak and this is what I got...  Can that sweet boy turn on for the camera or what?   love his heart - but the throwing??? not so much!!!!

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Mommy Webb said...

I love you and your sweet boys. You and Billy have done such a wonderful job of teaching them - not just ABOUT Jesus - but leading them into a relationship with Jesus. Well done, mama.