Friday, February 21, 2014

Family Worship

About a year and a half ago, we made a real effort to begin and do family worship every night.  Now, I will say, we don't do it every night, but we do at least do a Bible story and prayer.  But we really have tried to add scripture memorization and music to our nightly routine.  It's a little crazy, since the Joshua requires a little more 1:1 time from mommy at night, so sometimes, I'm taking care of big boy and Daddy's tag-teaming the big boys...but, nevertheless, we try.  Usually, I sing songs with the boy and tell him the verses we've learned while daddy does the Bible stories and prayers with the big boys.  So I guess it's not really FAMILY worship, but we do the best we can. 

Occasionally, we get the distinct honor of doing worship with our dear friend Luke Wisley, who has an incredible gift from the Lord.  He comes by once every 4-5 weeks or so and we do full on family worship as Luke leads us with his voice and guitar.  Tonight, was one of those blessed nights for us.  We just love Luke so much.  So thankful to have wonderful young men to be Godly role models for our sweet boys.  Joshua was precious tonight... just staring up at Luke while he was playing.  Then, he started trying to give Luke things while he was playing.  So cute.  Really.  Most of the time, he just kind of played around doing his own thing, but when Luke played "Jesus Loves Me" - he flat out stood still and was mesmerized.  He clearly knows that's his "nite nite" song.  After it, he went to the gate and wanted his pacis.  So cute!  Thanks Luke for blessing us tonight - we love ya!!

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