Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kid Writing - this will blow you away!

Oh my word.  My kiddos have amazing teachers.  We feel so blessed with the ladies who get to pour into our littles.  Frequently, they text me sweet or funny things the boys do during the day.  I love the updates! They make me feel so connected! Last week, Mrs. Haggard, Jonathan's AMAZING kindergarten teacher, texted me these pictures... 

This was Jonathan's "kid writing" for the day - kid writing is a time of unstructured writing time during which the kiddos get to write about anything.  They have to work independently and then read it back to the teacher (that's where the corrected spelling comes!)  The only instructions are to draw a picture then tell a story about it.  Three sentences is the goal.  (here's what it case you can't read it) "God died on the cross for us. Three days later he came back alive.  The people were very scared.  The people cried.  God was bleeding on the cross."   WOWZERS!!!!

Y'all - I was floored.  And crying. And amazed.  And proud. And grateful. What a sweet sweet boy with an amazing heart for the Lord.  I can't believe that THIS was what was on his mind that day.  It was totally unprompted too - it wasn't even our Bible story from family worship the night before or what the kiddos had studied at church the night before.  It's two-sided (hence the two pictures).  I may just have to frame this one... it's a keeper.  I'm so glad that he's starting to keep the word of God hidden in his heart.  My prayer has always been that they would choose to love the Lord with all their hearts and minds and souls... and that they would shine in a dark world.